Her thoughts take shape

Ah, so here we are, my offical first blog post. Why start blogging you ask? I ask myself too. Blogging seems to be “in” these days and although I don’t like to think of myself as a conformist, I’ve read some good blogs and thought to myself, “oooh, I want to do that! I have thoughts!!”. The thought itself was cool, however, I realized I didn’t really have anything of substance to say. Maybe I do now, maybe I don’t. I don’t know.

The other reason it’s high time I started a blog?…everyone seems to think I already do.

everyone: “oh, I heard your blog is great”

me: “My blog?…”

everyone: “Yeah. Your blog.”

me: “I have a blog?…”

everyone: “Aren’t you a writer?”

me: “I….write….”

It’s time I stopped ending these conversations on a questioning note and say “yes, I blog. If you’re interested, you can read my thoughts at shethinkstoherself.wordpress.com”

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  1. I have a better idea for what this blog could be called ; )

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