oh crap…now I need to say interesting things…

So…I’m totally on a roll with this blogging thing… (two posts in one day?! Soon, I’ll have a novel!) Nope. Not really.

I was so excited about having a blog I decided to have a facebook status advertising how my thoughts are now public (“started a blog….bored enough to read it?….shethinkstoherself.wordpress.com”)…but then I realized there’s nothing good for people to read. ….so I panicked and decided I needed a post that said more than “ah ha! yet another blog!” (this is assuming people saw my status and actually bothered to copy paste my link into their browser) , so here I am offering you a mini portal into my head.


(What’s been on my mind lately?  a lot of things….)

(What’s worth posting about?…not that much.)

(What will I end up writing about?….seriously considered food, but will settle for my upcoming trip to India:)

That’s right…oh mystical, magical India  (by “mystical” I mean “dirty” and by “magical” I mean “hot”) I will be returning there after so many years. This time it won’t be to lead a strictly regimented life in a boarding school but instead to assist my friend as she contributes to a great study that will collect some useful data on water monitering.

(What do I know about water quality control?:…very little)

Lucky for me, my friend is a smart young woman who has set me up on skype dates (really steamy sessions) and sent me links so I can educate myself on what I will be devoting the upcoming three months of my life to….and…it’s pretty interesting stuff.

We all know we need water to survive (oh man, I know…earth shattering start to a paragraph) and most governements in developing countries probably brag about how they’ve delivered drinking water to so many places in the last year…how water projects have brought wells and water lines to so many villages … saving so many lives… brag brag brag… applause… standing ovation… nobel peace prize….but how many of you had thought about the QUALITY of the water that is being delivered? (no one raised their hands?)… yeah, me neither.

So here I am, about to embark on a project where my knowledge is feeble but my interest is growing….and I find myself curious about what the results of our research will show… primarily, what if the results are terrible?! I’m thinking…what if most of the water that is going out is contaminated (oh btw, this project is focused on disease causing mico-organisms, or as my friend sums it up “poop particles”) ….how awful (and depressing) would it be to discover that this life giving water reaching billions of people also came with free illnesses.

Take a moment to let that sink in.


Billions of dollars, thousands of people, hundreds of projects all going into “helping” people….helping them get sick.


I can’t make a hypothsis (cuz remember…I know very little), so I’ll keep  you posted on the goods and bads I find.

(oh wait…were you expecting something insightful and something you could learn from?…silly you. Don’t expect any conclusions on this blog…these are just my thoughts 🙂 )

  1. You should watch ‘well done abba’ – it’s about poverty, water and politics and all thigs social in between!

  2. Buttmunch said:

    Hey Lady,
    So I came across this article today (quoting the dude we’re going to meet with next week) and I thought you might be interested:
    Discusses the magnitude of the problem of poor quality drinking water…
    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

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