Last Night at Home

It’s always a strange feeling knowing that it’ll be quite some time before I sleep in my bed again. Here I am for the umteenth time in my life settling into my “last night at home”…and I’m not quite sure how I feel.

I’m quite the cocktail of emotions. Although I’m not necessairly distraught at the idea of leaving Nepal for three months, I will miss my friend and I will miss my computer. I know it sounds strange but I’m oddly nonchalant about leaving my family, not because I won’t miss them….but because leaving them is so normal to me (it’s actually felt strange being here for 10 straight months).

I will miss my friend because he’s become a part of my life – the texts, the phonecalls, the “one hour” coffee hang out sessions and the nightly conversations, I’ll feel significiently less popular as I’m sure my phone won’t go off nearly as much (not that it went off all that often anyways). I will miss my computer because it’s my baby and it’s what keeps me linked to my friends all over the world. I’m quite spoiled and get to talk to my bests on a regular basis (if not daily…or..twice a day in some cases) and it will be so hard to have to wait a few days (perhaps even over a week) to talk to friends and find out what’s going on. Hopefully this won’t cause a meltdown or a psychotic breakdown…

Anyways, my bag is packed (I’m a little worried that I’ve just shoved three months worth of stuff into ONE hiking bag) and I’ve just said goodbye to my shoes, jewelry, clothes and fashion. (Seriously, I went out today and wore a cute outfit, heels and even smeared make up on my face – who knows how long it’ll be before I make that much effort again.) Summer without any style – here I come. 

Now…onto other things that I’m feeling.

1) I’m nervous about the trip. The reserch topic is rather cool…but the idea of contributing to something larger than I am on an international scale – it’s rather daunting. Let’s hope I can pick up on things fast and do a good job.

2) I’m excited. I love Nepal, but this 3 months get-away came at a great time because I’ve been feeling the itch to go somewhere (you get up and move every few months from the age of 10 and you’re guaranteed to feel restless)

3) I am dreading the heat. I am not looking forward to feeling the heat under my skin, I don’t want to become broth that’s boiled in my own blood (eww…what a disgusting image) but I’m fairly certain that’ll happen. Awesome.

4) I am STOKED about spending 3 monts with Buttmunch. If there is a person who is bubbly, quirky and has infectious happiness, it is my dear friend Buttmunch. I’m sure that three months in unbearable heat and getting ripped off by greedy Indians will feel like an adventure with her by my side 🙂

5) I’m beyond thrilled at seeing friends from high school. I know of at least three lovely individuals that I haven’t seen in AT LEAST FIVE YEARS that I will get to reconnect with. I get the chills (the good kind) just thinking about seeing them….but I’m also a teensy bit scared…because…well…it’s been 5 years and people change.

Okay…I am pooped and I want to be able to enjoy the full comforts of my bed before sleeping in various hostels and who knows where else for the next 3 months. Living out of a suitcase….mmmmm…

  1. Dude. We’re going to rock India. Hardcore.

    We will be sveaty sveeties on the go! I cannot imagine a better buttmunch to spend 3 months with.

    So much love and see you in 6 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. a possibly related post reads “i discovered my husband was gay”…..??? hehehe

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