Airplanes Fly By in the Night Sky

Last night, was in a word: AMAZING.

Anjuli and I had an interesting day (this story will be followed up in a blog post I intend to write, I believe I’ll title it “IST – Indian Standard Time or Indian Stretched Time?”) but…..when we returned to the hostel I had no idea the fun that I had in store for me.

We chilled and the co-owner of this hostel who is a happy, flirtatious (seriously, he’s hit on EVERY SINGLE girl here) guy appropriated named “Sunny” suggested we have a BBQ. Of course we think this is a great idea….so….money is pooled, food is bought and the grill is set to go outside.

Outside there is a mini lawn with some wicker furniture set on a nice patch of grass, it was near/around these wicker chairs and comfy grass that I spent all of last night.

Let me set the scene for you:

There’s a bunch of people from all over the world (America, Holland, Switzerland…and a few other countries I forget), there’s music playing (the music spectrum ranged from Bollywood, Pearl Jam, old hindi songs, and Amos Lee just to name a part of our night long playlist). There’s a open fire grill going with chicken and an assortment of a fresh vegetables from the market. There’s beer and hookah to enjoy if you so desire. And the lighting….the perimeter of the grassy area has a rope light that lazily traced the ground and hung off of shrubs and little trees. We sat under the glow of these lights enjoying the warmth of the night without the burning heat of the sun.

The night included lots of laughs, sharing stories about our India experiences, and soon we had a talented song writer (who is actually going to study Public Policy) pull out a guitar, we had a girl sing with a beautiful jazz voice and I never wanted it to end. Her voice was strong and smooth enough to make diamonds melt.

From time to time we had another fellow do a comedic routine that would put Russell Peters to shame….you may think I set the bar too high but seriously….this guy could do a mind blowing imitation of just about ANY accent we threw at him. If you closed your eyes, you would swear that you were in the presence of a gahnian in the middle of ghana, and then you’d think you were talking to the autorickshaw driver that you haggled with a few hours earlier…then BAM hello Italian, German, French and Russian (which he admitted was heavily influenced by Borat). I kept thinking to myself that the world is filled with incredible people.

I’d sit there, sip my drink, take a bite out of some grilled and salted veggies (SO.GOOD.), look across the lawn and smile as the astonishingly good looking European man…and I felt so I content. There was a moment where I mentioned that the whole night just seemed too cheesy and too good to be true. Summer night. Lazy breeze. Sensational Aromas in the air. Good company. I lazily slumped in my chair, one leg slung over my wicker armrest I looked around at the soft glow of the lights, I watched the vines on the fence wave and in the breeze and I couldn’t get over how perfect of a night it was.

At one point, I noticed the airplanes that flew by really low and I had a thought:  all of the years I spent in America, every.single.time I saw an airplane in the sky I would think about flying home…since I’ve moved back to Nepal, the air crafts murmuring in the sky would make me wish I was on my way back to Boston, but last night….in the midst of a collection of people from around the globe, with the scent of apple seesha in the air, the guitar strumming and a jazz voice lingering around my ears and with my belly full of yummyness… I looked up at the sky and as I watched the blinking lights fly over my head – I couldn’t tell where in the world it made me want to fly. For the first time in I don’t know how long….I was perfectly 100% happy being exactly where I was.

The music changed, the food was all consumed and one by one people went off to bed. Sunny went and took his salacious winks and suggestive arm grazes, soon our many-accented comedian went to bed (his swedish girlfriend followed), the songwiter put the guitar away….and then it was down to three of us.

The singer, the beautiful European gentleman (not the one that was sick and spent the whole evening sleeping, the one who would give me alluring smiles..mmmm) and I were left. Since it was about 4am anyways we decided to stay up and watch the sunrise. We turned the music down, put dirty dishes away (and yes, I even washed them), we moved all the furniture away and the three of us let the grass press against our skin and we halfheartedly flicked bugs off our legs and arms and gazed up at the stars.  We lay there, half in conversation, half in our own worlds and the European faded and gave up around 4:45am.

So, the amazing singer (who was also our chef for the evening) and I lay on the grass and when the light faded from black to the dark morning blue we decided to head up to the roof to welcome the sun over Delhi. The sunrise itself was not the best. In fact, it was odd because I don’t recall ever seeing the contained glow in an orb. Instead, we saw a bit of pink and red on the horizon and the sky above of us turned white. We took pictures of the sky (and not to discreet ones of each other) I looked towards the source of light and noticed that instead of a brilliant blue and golden globe…my eyes were instead greeted with the city hovering on white. It was interesting and unfortunately my photography failed.

Anyways, although the sunrise didn’t make my soul melt, the entire evening, night and morning was just so perfect. Around 5:30am it was close to bed time and while others in the city arose to go about their day, I went to sleep sad that I finally had to admit the night had come to an end.

  1. Utsav Shakya said:

    oooh the hostel’s got ac too? niiice. glad u’re having fun kalu. say hi to the ladies for me? 🙂

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