I dream of Holland…

I’m going to keep this short….or I’ll try seeing as it’s getting late and I am getting tired.

The joys of traveling in my opinion, half lies in the places you visit and all the unique things that place has to offer that other places lack and the other half is the people you meet on your way. I suppose it’s human nature to seek others to connect with..and once in a while you’re fortunate enough to run into people who are so deliciously wonderful. I’ve mentioned Bjorn and Lea in my blog before and this will be yet another post that concerns them.

There’s been a night here and there where the four of us (Bjorn, Lea, Buttmunch and I) and whoever is hanging out with us then will cook dinner together in the hostel. I have little to do in the kitchen as others take over kitchen duties and I’m happy to enjoy the company, eat amazing food and scrub a few dishes afterwards  (although I will be heading the momo party tomorrow night!!!!). Tonight was a night where the four of us were able to create more delicious dishes together (and rediscovered GARLIC CHILLI SPREAD!!) and create more lovely memories.

Today also happens to be one of the hottest days in Delhi. So, seeing as I was feeling sweat run down in places I didn’t even know sweat could accumulate, we decided to eat on the roof to beat off some of the summer night heat. The four of us were joined by Billy (William if you will) an average Joe from Amrika trying to get some thrill out of life in exotic India before heading off to grad school. (He’s even going to do that 10 day purification meditation thing where you don’t talk and stuff….waaaay to intense for me). Anyways…the 5 of us ended up on the roof and although it was still hot…the heat was easier to ignore when in the presence of people who just fill me with pure utter untainted happiness.

Bjorn + Lea + Buttmunch = guaranteed good times . We sat on the floor still emitting heat and leaned up against walls that did not offer cool cement and spent some time talking and laughing about everything and nothing under the crescent of an glowing moon and the few stars that were visible (“1..2…3…anywhere to 17” as Bjorn said in his impeccable Kenyan accent). Again, I found myself watching airplanes go by…and no destination of where I wanted to be came into my head.

While sitting in the semi dark (some lighting provided by the glow of bulbs on the street and lit windows surround our building) I realized that although I didn’t wish to be some place else, there were many people that I thought of and I wished could have been sitting on the roof with my lovely companions and I. I suppose it’s one of those tiny ways I knowing who I love…because when I’m having the best time, I wish you could be here with me. I’m not going to put a list of names on here…but friends and even ex boyfriend… suffice to say, I am so fortunate enough to have so many good friends that I wish could be sweating absurd amounts with me (seriously…I had NO idea the extend my sweat glands are capable of working).

The evening wore on and Buttmunch and I decided to tell Bjorn and Lea of our grand plan. Where ever in the world Bjorn and Lea are…we want to move with them and live our lives together as the type of friends that are family. We want our kids to grow up together and have titles of “auntie” and “uncles” go past blood. Bjorn and Lea were in, and Buttmunch and I were THRILLED. We squealed. This comment probed Bjorn to tell us of a mini mansion his family has in Holland. A place that is “rustic but humble”, close enough to a village where you can enjoy a mean latte and far enough where you’re surrounded for miles by trees, nature and a natural lake. We talked about how wonderful it would be to live there together and to continue this thing that we have…that is so perfect.

Eventually Bjorn pulled us out of our fantasies and he said something along the lines of how in reality, we probably won’t be that close, we won’t keep in touch save for a few random facebook posts and maybe including each other on mailing lists every few years….but when we’re in our 40’s…that we should show up in Holland, knock on his door and that he would be honored to have people like around to just pick up where we left off and catch up with.

How truly wonderful that would be…and so, tonight, I’m going to sleep wondering where I’ll be in my 40’s while I dream of Holland 😀

  1. Globalbumblebuzz said:

    I love your stories Buttmunch! You are rubbing my back and it feels so good. Love you so much darling Buttmunch

  2. Tooth Fairy said:

    Those are the best kind of friendships, the ones that you KNOW will pick up right where you left them. And for some reason, a shared experience always seems to cement those friendships. Good conversation is always an important ingredient.

  3. Afshaan said:

    Lovely, I’ve been catching up with your blog today and have really enjoyed some of the posts, especially this one. I’m glad you’re writing (publicly) again. I think it’s good for you – and for us, your audience!

    Much love.

  4. Afshaan said:

    P.S. Take me off your blogroll… or at least change the name! It is soooo embracing, yaar.

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