Goodbye India. Hello again Nepal.

India comes to an end, and I start anew again. It’s hard to believe that a quarter of a year passed so quickly and here I am wondering if the last three months have been a dream and I am finding it hard to accept that I really was that lucky to have the experiences I did. As I write this, my three months in India has already come to an end and I’m typing from the comfort of my (finally) clean room trying to remember the best, the worst and the funniest from my last week in India.


The best of the last week was coming back to Nirvana Hostel (which we did because the other place we were going to stay at reeked of cat urine and the amount of mosquitoes around convinced us we were going to get malaria). Of the many wonderful people we met on my first visit, only one remained but Buttmunch and I were overjoyed to see Our Favorite Frenchman again (and this time we finally got him to remember our names!) Nirvana housed more interesting, likeable (and astonishingly good looking) people. We met many people who had been teachers in Korea, living in Japan, teaching in China, traveling around the world, working in India, and each person I met had wonderful stories and experiences to share.

I think my favorite night was when we got about 14 of us deeply involved in a game of “Who’s the Man”. There are no words to aptly capture playing a game where pronouns are forbidden, you’re only allowed to give one word to describe a person and where you mime to people who speak several different languages from all around the world. There were some brilliant team names and I am proud of say that my team (“Total Eclipse of the Heart” inspired by a hilarious youtube video) which consisted of a lovely Irish boy and myself were the proud victors of the game. We annihilated the others and Buttmunch with her Dutch counterpart ( “Noiken in den Koiken”) followed us as respectable seconds. (Next time you see me and we’re with at least 6 people please ask me to play this game, it is absurd amounts of fun). I love meeting people, and I love meeting people and falling head over heels in love with them. It doesn’t matter to me that I only saw some people for a few days because those few days were enough for me to see the best in them and to love them with intensity and conviction. I don’t understand why it’s not always so easy to love.

It’s also been really cool to see who I’m still in touch with. It’s easy to lose contact with people and I’m thoroughly pleased with the people who have stayed a part of my life and I hope they will continue to do so.


I HATE goodbyes. I simply abhor them and as much as I can I try to avoid saying “goodbye” and prefer to leave people with a “see you later”. The sad part of meeting so many wonderful people when you’re passing by is having such a short amount of time to talk and connect and even if you establish a strong facebook friendship, it’s difficult to grow and learn about each other. The good part of it is that people are always interested in Nepal so there is always a chance that I’ll run into some of them again.

I love being back home, but I miss meeting new people every day. I miss the wicker furniture and the epilepsy inducing flashing lights outside where we would hang out. I miss getting excited about seeing another weary traveler and hearing their story. I miss the thrill of not knowing who I’m going to fall in love with and I miss falling in love with perfect strangers over something like a mustache umbrella (this is a true story).

The worst of the worst was having to part ways with Buttmunch. Having known her for over half a decade it’s wonderful to see the way that she’s grown and become more of herself as the years as have passed. Being together practically 24-7 for three months could be taxing and stressful for any relationship, but Buttmunch and I got through with little to no conflict. In fact, we did better than that – we got to the point where we knew each other’s jokes, we lost any sense of dignity and shame and we no longer required privacy, my stories became hers, we knew what the other person wanted to eat without having to ask and best of all with one look we’d know exactly what was on the other person’s mind. I have decided that if marriage can be like this, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Being with Buttmunch was amazing in every single way possible. There are so many things I love about this woman and in three months I feel like I was able to fill a reservoir with love to last us forever. Being with my lovely friend taught me so much, if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you will know that she is a happy bumbling person who is an absolute NERD about parasites, who loves people, who is as HILARIOUS as she is smart and BEAUTIFUL – gentlemen, this girl is the entire package. Getting to spend every moment of my summer with someone as wonderful and then having to say goodbye was terrible.

My last night in Delhi we had a Buttmunch and Buttmunch moment where the two of us were snuggling on the couch and commenting on how strange life was going to be without having the other by our side. We lamented not having someone to share “motions” with and I’ve already seen how many jokes aren’t effective around my sister, friends and anyone who isn’t Buttmunch. I miss her dearly and although I love the interweb for keeping her close by on the computer, I miss our ice tea indulgences, making momo’s and checking out the lovely men we encountered. I hope it won’t be too much longer before we see each other again and we can pick up right where we left off.


It is hard to come up with the exact funniest moments from my last week, so I suggest you read Buttmunch’s blog ( and I’ll attempt to recapture a few snippets here:

1) We were thrilled to see Our Favorite Frenchmen and while in conversation about swine flu we asked him how to say “swine flu” in French. His response? …”uuh….no”. Apparently they don’t say swine flu in France 😉

2) Again, while with Our Favorite Frenchmen, I looked at him and said “Etienne, you do know why we laugh and find you funny right?”….this was met by him looking at me and giving me a rather blank smile. Buttmunch and I laughed and a few minutes later our lovely Frenchmen says “ah…just kidding. I understand”. Frenchman WIN.

3) Please read Buttmunch’s blog for the story on confusion between “lady boy” and “lady’s man” (

4) One day I decided to play tour guide to the Irish fellow (my “Total Eclipse of the Heart” buddy) and I was thoroughly entertained on our entire day out. Favorite parts? : We were at an ATM trying to convert money to Indian rupees and it thrills me to know that there are people out there as terrible at math as I am. (For future reference, 100 X 70 is 7000 – which we shouldn’t have needed a calculator for…especially since 2 minutes earlier we had done the math for 50 X 70 and should have been able to double the amount). Yikes.

Another favorite part – we’re sitting in an auto and whereas Buttmunch and I discovered that picking our nose warded of stares, Irishman discovered that over enthusiasm and feigned excessive interest over products sold on the streets caused sales men with towels and boys with magazines to leave us alone.

One more EPIC moment – we went to get ice cream and when Irishman ordered a triple scoop of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry the ice cream scooper understood this as three different orders… luckily we caught on and managed to get one cone of ice cream with the remaining double scoops in a cup (watching him trying to handle three ice cream cones would have been amusing though). Afterwards when we filled out the feedback survey the waiters did not look pleased with our suggestion that they should 1) invest in larger cones and that 2) they should have more Irish people around. I thought both ideas would have boosted business

5) Dutchmen can be violent – one told me he was thinking about me in the shower…before you go “oooooh” allow me to tell you that he had thoughts of strangling me. Not as hot. Eventually I was able to win the Dutchman over and he didn’t want to kill me anymore (even though he tried to step on me and squish poor lil me). My winning him over probably had to do with the fact that I was able to successfully order pizza for him which can be quite an ordeal in Delhi. He also accused me of stealing his phone…all of this because I told him he was fat and shouldn’t eat for a while ☺

6) One of the nights hanging out, we had our happy German man playing the guitar… after a few minutes Buttmunch and I look at each other to confirm that the music our German was playing and singing was indeed a cover of Britney Spears. EPIC WIN.


Here I am, back in Nepal and in a word, it feels odd. Somehow it feels like I never left and yet I also walk around feeling as though I’ve missed out on so much and a lifetime has passed by in my absence. My first day back my mother and my sister invited the few friends I have for dinner and I didn’t even realize that it was a proper dinner invitation until I got to the kitchen and saw the dining table all set. It was LOVELY to see them although they all said I talked too much –In my defense I just had a lot to say ☺ One of the best things about coming home is having my room again, however this time I came back to see that my mom had taken the liberty of changing some things around. My walls are now free of any pictures of my ex (which is fine) but now I have no idea where the pictures are, my books were rearranged, there were BALLOONS everywhere (I’m glad my mom knows I’m not too old for them) and….my wardrobe was empty. While I was gone all of my clothes seem to have found their way into my sister’s room, I found it odd that I had to bargain with my sister in an attempt to restore my closet to its normal size.

The Future of this Blog

So now what happens with the blog? This blog was started as a way for me to practice writing and I’ll continue to do so. I’m afraid the content of my blog will be far less interesting and without Buttmunch around, I’m certain the number of adventures I have will decrease, but I doubt I will run out of things to say anytime soon! I won’t be advertising on facebook about updates seeing as this will no longer function in lieu of a mass email for friends and family on what I’m doing, but please feel free to check up once in a while – who knows, maybe life will surprise me and all lots of awkward things will continue to happen.


Everyone asks the question “what’s next?” and I’m happy that I have some sort of an answer. I am so very fortunate to come home and have not one but TWO job offers (I cannot take any credit for this, my sister is well connected and put in a good word for me) so I have the option of working with a travel magazine which would be sinful amounts of fun or working for a national daily. Looking at the pros and cons and whatever the future may bring, it looks as though I’m going to join the newspaper. I find it funny that the silly, immature, child-like person I am might be contributing to a national newspaper in Nepal. I do think the experience will be good and I have to admit I’m excited over the prospect of having my little cubicle and working tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning. I had thought that I would only stay in Nepal for one more year before moving on but looks like with this job plans will change. I am okay with that. Coming back, I’m starting a new chapter and it’s exciting to know that I have no idea what’s going to happen in the near future and the distant future is even more uncertain.

  1. Utsav Shakya said:

    yaay kaal grew up! 🙂
    i am sure good things are in store, including your romanticized thoughts on working into the wee hours of the night. 🙂

  2. Ben said:

    Wonderful blog while it has lasted. It’s a fun read and reminds me heavily of how only a week in India can easily be the most thoughtful/eventful.

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