On Being a “Correspondent”

Ok, I think I have enough to write a new post. This post will be on my first week of work. If you haven’t spoken to me in the last week or if you haven’t been able to see my facebook status, allow me to give you a four word summary: I.LOVE.MY.JOB.

I am officially a “Correspondent” for a national daily in Nepal. What does that mean? A BUNCH OF THINGS!!! It means I write, I pretend to be a journo, I edit, I edit some more, then I do more editing, I help pick stories that get published later, I sometimes stay at work late to look at the draft of the coming up paper to make sure it’s error free …. I just realized I make it sound terribly boring, but in truth it’s wonderful.

Other parts of my job:

1)I went to a night of Kathmandu Fashion Week with two of my co-workers. It was …. entertaining. The best part was not knowing what was going to come next and being half nervous and half nauseated by what “art” was going to come sauntering down the run way on a “model” with hooker shoes and a walk that went complimented the personality of the footwear.

I think the part I enjoyed the most was the after party where models and guest alike didn’t know how to hold their liqueur but decided the dance floor was the place to let alcohol do its thing. One model had one dance move that she executed exceedingly well, the problem being it was the one and only dance move she had. Another gentlemen was definitely feeling the beats but most of the dancing was done by his left leg with an assisting shuffle onto the right foot once in a while.

A bunch of men were loitering around the dance floor gazing at the models, some were bold enough to pull out their phones and take videos (for evidence of how they’re so cool and attend parties where “models” are present?). One guy threw his arms out and slapped on his happy face while his friend took a picture of him with all the girls on the dance floor behind him. This is how I picture him gaining major popularity points with his peer group and anyone who will listen to him:

Guy:”oooh look at me and ALL THEM GIRLS!!”

Friend: “Did you dance with the girls?”


Friend: “…but did YOU dance with them?”


Friend: “…WITH the girls?”

Guy:” mmmHMMM the girls were dancing too!!!”

Friend: “woooow…you’re sooo coool…”

Guy: DAMN STRAIGHT, this is totally going to be my new facebook profile picture!”).

Also, I got to flash a press pass to enter. A PRESS PASS. That’s probably as close to celebrity status as I’ll ever feel. I BASKED in it 😀 😀 😀

Anyways. More fun things my job included:

2) Going to a photo exhibition! Really fun event where you could only attend with an invite (yes, I am now that cool). It was a neat exhibition with 6 photographers (3 from India, 3 from Nepal) who were documenting “Rivers of Pilgrimage”. All of the stills were shot at different holy rivers in India and Nepal. Really cool. Photography done right is such a beautiful thing.

3) I really enjoy working the “desk”. What does that mean? My understanding of it is something like this: we pull together all the articles and stories for our particular page(s) and the designer puts it together. THEN we get a print out of the page and we look at it through trained eyes and find/fix mistakes. I totally love getting a preview of the next days page and making sure it’s flawless. I know, I’m a total nerd.

4) Sub-editing: Different people submit articles/stories and I get to look at them and edit. This makes me feel way cooler than it probably should. It’s nice because it’s not like editing crappy freshmen papers in college. They’re features or reports and it’s just nice to know that I can act like quality control (that is a self given description, I make myself sound way more important than I actually am).

5) The really rewarding part of the job? Getting published of course 🙂 I had my first story published today and there is definitely a thrill that goes with opening the morning paper and seeing my name in print with my story. I’m sure in due time the novelty of this will wear off (probably really quickly) but it’s still really awesome to be like “yuppps…that’s me”

It’s idiotic how excited I am about my job. It’s silly how happy I am when I get home. I work amazing hours, (I get INTO the office at 1pm and depending on the night I can leave anywhere from a few hours after 1 until midnight of later). I even (for the most part) get to pick my own stories so I have a lot of flexibility with what I write. All of this thrills me.

I hope that when reality sets in and the hours tire me I’ll remember that I truly love what I am doing. I can’t remember ever being this excited about work before and I feel SO blessed to be in a work environment doing things I like and getting to work with the team I have.

My team is AMAZING. We’re all in our 20’s and they’re all so chill I feel like I’ve been working here forever as opposed to just a few days. They’re fun. We work. We talk. We listen to music. We go for one hour tea breaks that are really hang out sessions. I love all of it.

There are downsides I can’t ignore:

1)I don’t get home until closer to 9 every night (or later)… which also means I eat really late which even though I love eating all the time, I don’t like eating that late.

2) I don’t get weekends. I work 6 day weeks and my day offs are Mondays. Good thing I don’t have many friends and an active social life!

Besides that though, I think I can learn to deal. So far, it’s wonderful and I when I get down and annoyed about work, someone please remind me to come back and read this post on how excited I am and how much I’m learning and how all of this gives my life some meaning and purpose.

I am one happy little girl 😀

  1. sam said:

    isn’t it ironic when there’s traffic jam n u’r already late or no smoking sign in your cigarette break……………………….
    (alanis morisette) sorry to use this song but i think you should listen to this song
    coz i see u need a break honey.

  2. Runil said:

    I usually pretend to be SUPER dumb(even though its defo. not gonna work) and say I DONT know my caste, and other shit like that. That usually takes care of it… Also, I ALWAYS use my first name. And when someone says something like “Runil…(what) …(?)” I say, “uhh, Runil the great? HAHA” and so on… And then when someone asks me my surname directly I reply straightaway that I don’t to get married anytime soon…

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