Pleasure in the small things

So, today is two weeks into the new job and I’m still giddy about it. I understand that that euphoric feeling will fade, but I’m still enjoying the little things about my work. Today, I experienced a few things that made me feel bad ass (I’ll get over all of this and myself soon, I promise), but little things I took immense pleasure in:

1) I got to meet and talk with some incredibly powerful and impressive women for an article. I’ll try to link the story when it’s printed….but man, there are some amazing people in the world!

2) I got to throw on a semi-pro outfit and I rocked some heels….I forgot how much I enjoyed wearing heels (what is it about them shoes that gives you confidence and makes you feel more WOMAN?)

3) I was introduced as “a journalist”… yikes. Sounds like big responsibility to me, but I didn’t correct them.

4) I got to ride the office vehicle (ok, so I do this almost every single night when I go home, but this was in PUBLIC) and it has “PRESS” printed on the front and side. Yeah…leave me alone, I felt cool 😀

5) While interviewing someone, they said “…and this is off the record”….OFF THE RECORD….PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAY THAT?!!! ANNNNND….THEY SAID IT TO ME?!!! I have no idea why this excites me so, but it does. I had to suppress a huge smile when I heard those words.

Other little things in life that I’m trying not to take for granted:

1) Amazing people to work with. If I didn’t enjoy my team, I probably wouldn’t like my job half as much

2) Music in the world place. In my area, my compu is the only one with speakers so I get to be the DJ. Having music makes the work environment that much more enjoyable.

3) Family who cares – I had to leave the house at the buttcrack of dawn (6:45am is absurdly early in my book, how do some people do it every day?!!) and due to the events of my day, I didn’t get to eat…I got texts and phone calls from my mother making sure I’m going to feed myself as some point 🙂

4) Supportive friends.  I explained what story I’m currently working on to a few friends and it’s amazing the faith they have in me. I have no journalistic experience, I look like I’m 13 and and no idea what I’m doing, but I’m so fortunate to have people in my life who believe in me and aren’t as surprised as I am when I don’t muck up.

5) Other things that make me happy: having an entire wardrobe (as opposed to the 5 kurthis, 3 t-shirts and 1  pair of jeans I lugged around all summer), FOOD, Jewelry, Skype, catching up with friends, and lately I’ve been giving priority to CHOCOLATE. Good life decisions.

I suppose it’s really super easy to make me happy, I’m going to say being easily pleased in a good thing 🙂

  1. Speak for yourself Missy! I look, feel and neigh like a horse when in heels!

  2. drokpa said:

    I love this post, esp #5. You’ve got mad skills with them words yo!

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