A day of artistry

It is not often that I wake up early, and even less often that I willing wake up early, but today I made the effort and I am so glad I did. Six friends and I found ourselves at Gurukul to watch Andre and Dorine. The story was simple enough; an elderly gentleman discovers that his wife has Alzheimer’s and the play carries on as they adapt to her disintegrating state while he has flashbacks of when they were young and just starting a life together. The play is heartfelt and the hour and fifteen minutes goes by in a flash.

What should be pointed out is that the entire production is carried without a single word being exchanged. Being someone who is a word-slut, it is remarkable being moved by a performance where no one speaks. On top of that, all of the characters wear masks – a play without words and expressions – two essential components of the theater are missing. Yet without the foundation of most theatrics, the story is told, the characters have distinct personalities and more so – it is understood and internalized by everyone. You are immediately transfixed.

The simplicity and beauty in the play leaves me almost speechless. There are moments where I found myself laughing out loud, other moments where I smiled, and when others in the audience were drawn to tears and loud blowing of noses, I found that I too was drawn into the emotion on stage.

After the play, I had to admit that I really missed the stage. Although I dislike having to go up in front of people, I miss transforming myself into someone else for an hour or two and I miss acting.

If the production ever finds its way to you or to your city, please make a point of watching it, I promise, it won’t disappoint. Here is a little teaser that I found online to show you:

Anyways, after that, we found ourselves at an opening of a “collective solo” series titled let’s talk about ART baby! Being able to attend the opening ceremony I was privy to hear a few artists speak, a famous Nepali actress, a more famous Nepali musician and then the artist himself. I am no art critique, but Sujan Chitrakar blew my mind. He painted Nepal, real Nepal and the message in each work: let’s talk about ART. It is exhilarating seeing streets and sights that are all too familiar, but with a touch of je ne sais quoi, perhaps the painters brush and the Nepal he showed me through his eyes, but I feel in love.

I think there’s been one other incident in my life where I saw paintings that drew me one, one titled The Tempest, and another called The Doll, and today, again, I found myself in front of a work that just…. I don’t know… that I am in awe of.

The scene is of a common place that I drive by every day, but in black and white with only one rectangle of color, I was mesmerized. The piece consists of three separate panels that come together to create a trinity of black and white and grays that just blew my mind.

I took a picture and roughly made a composite of the three so you can see it, apologies for the low quality. I have to say, this photo doesn’t do it justice, if you’re in Nepal, I beg you – go see it for yourself:

To conclude, today was a day of art, and to art and artists of all kinds – I salute you.

  1. isn’t it funny how art-sy this city is? sure, it’s polluted and INGO-cluttered and wai wai packet strewn, but it’s a city that just loves art.

  2. sujan chitrakar said:

    thanks shethinkstoherself. impressed that you are impressed with this work of mine. hope we become more impressed with our nepal each day and love her more.
    let’s talk about ART baby!

  3. Kanchan said:

    what i miss about the stage is being invisible. to dress in all black, to melt in with the black drapes, to feel the strain of the heavy cyc, in my arms, while lowering it in and out, to play with the lights, to climb up the ladder and change the gels, and to make a memorable experience for the audience.

  4. Roni said:

    nepal does sound like a great arts scene

  5. Roni said:

    contrived commentary. can i just say i like your posts Shrewby???

    I like your posts 🙂

  6. Roni said:

    I do!

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