I think I attract accidents

This morning I was on my way to work and while walking down the street I saw a man with a large glass pane crossing the road. In a matter of seconds I saw a motorbike come flying down and for the brief moment when time slowed down, I had this sinking feeling and I somehow knew something bad was about to happen. Just as my brain processed that thought, the motorbike crashed into the man as if the pedestrian was a target and the rider had hit his mark.

I, and everything around me froze, it was as if time itself had stopped and I was thrown back to when this happened, but this time I was alone and when my hand dropped from my mouth I hear myself utter “oh my god”… then I noticed the lack of movement. The lack of moment of the two involved in the accident. And the lack of moment on the part of fellow bystanders.  I was the first to run out to the street, in those few paces I kept repeating “please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” Since the glass pane man was closer to me I got there in time to help him sit up and to ask him basic questions – his name, if he was ok, if he was dizzy, who he had that I could call (his brother) … by then we were surrounded by men looking down at us and offering their comments instead of help. “The bike crashed into him” “What happened” “Make him stand up” In a stern voice I had to tell them all to shut up so I could see if the man was seriously injured, and I found beads of blood on the temple of a young man who was utterly dazed. I remember him asking, in a soft almost timid voice, “What happened to me?” “You were hit by a motorbike,” seemed so unreal, like a joke that wasn’t funny.

In those brief moments another crowd had formed around the motorcyclist, but I never found my way to him. Another guy barked at me that we were causing a jam and that we should move to the side of the road, to which I calmly said, “Dai, you don’t have to yell, I’m trying to help too.” It was only a minute later when I walked the man to a taxi that I saw the bike rider lying down in the back and the dazed man who I held by the arm was placed in the front. “I lost my mobile,” he said, but I had it in my hand and returned it to him when he was seated in the car. His brother never picked up the phone.

I didn’t make the trip to the hospital with them, I’m not sure if anyone else did. A large crowd formed, I remember a policewoman asking me if I was related to the victims, I shook my head, “The man was crossing the road, the bike sped right into him.” Finally I noticed the backed up trucks and cars honking away unaware that two men nearly died. People leaned in trying to sneak a peek at what was going on, and I walked away hoping to disperse the crowd some.

I recalled hearing the name of a hospital as I left so I called just a few minutes ago. Without knowing the name of the patients it was difficult to get any answers, but after listening to the elevator music on hold for a while I wasn’t given much detail, but it appears the men are ok and that they left the hospital earlier today.

The strangest thing? I remember every moment of the accident except for the collision itself. Try as I might, I can’t force my brain to conjure the image of the bike speeding into the man, I can’t visualize how one flew off his bike and how both were thrown in opposite directions, I don’t remember seeing the bike fall. The one thing my brain did capture was the glass pane. It didn’t shatter and erupt; it crumbled in pieces and fell like a slipping curtain.

I hope they’re okay.

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  1. wow.

    i don’t think you attract accidents, as much as accidents that have to be happen try to happen near you because you are calm in times of trouble. good on you for rushing out and trying to do something instead of just commenting (WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THE COMMENTING??). maybe when the commenters saw what you are trying to do it occurred to them to try and replicate in the next time a calm person is needed.

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