Tid bit’o sappy poetry

Listen up readers. Don’t judge. A bit dramatic, rather personal…. I wrote these after the break up, and I’m posting them because my  “Poems” category is currently pathetic:

your love for me dangles off my wrist
in fragile links of silver
I can’t help but wish it was solid in gold
and circled around my finger



I see your button hasn’t been fixed
and somehow, that’s my fault
your coat hangs lose on you.
I never taught you to sew
to sew my love back on
now that button,
that button
has been lost



do you wear the love I stitched
(in yellow and gray)
around your neck
close to skin
to keep you warm
or is it lost
and forgotten
in the back of your drawer
where you perhaps
thinks it belongs



You used to hate it, when I put my feet on your chest
(to keep them warm)
You preferred when I kept my socks on
Because my feet
my feet
…they were not

Now my skin sheds to a softer touch
of memories of where you and I tread
My feet, they tire of trying to forget
they long for a place to rest,
(once again)
on your chest.



there is no point in me writing poetry
that I never intend to send
words that you and the world will never see
i write and I write
because I don’t want to talk
because these words – they hold meaning to me.
I put into ink what I can’t allow my voice to say
and I write here
to make me think
that via the internet
you’re not so far away



I think I get it now
the loss
of      direction
and the question of life
of despair

I ask now of
meaning (or lack thereof)
and I crave conversation
that you tried to make

and that I’m only beginning to discover
months too late



Are you happier with the framed picture of us kissing kissing the dust?
Does it give you rest to leave the memories in boxes in the past?
Has your spring cleaning sprung and throwing away my shirt, my toys, my scent
Are you well now, now that you forget?

Are you aware of how you’re still in my thoughts?
Do you know my heart is stained permanently to the hue of you?
Would you like to read the words I continue to write?
Do you care to know my heart still hurts and my eyes they still cry?
Because they do
They do
They do




Oh… new background! And, Happy half-Birthday to me! 😀

  1. haha…happy happy half birthday to you (+some, i guess)

    aaaaand – update more of your poetry!!!

  2. Serena said:

    Wow!! Sandy, these are amazing! I especially liked the first part:

    “your love for me dangles off my wrist
    in fragile links of silver
    I can’t help but wish it was solid in gold
    and circled around my finger”

    Excellent!!!! Seriously 🙂 Really, really, good!

    I am sorry about the breakup. However, such experiences make you more in tune with what it means to be human and in turn, a better writer. I thought of these lines by Baldwin while I was reading your poetry:

    “For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn’t any other tale to tell, it’s the only light we’ve got in all this darkness.”

    You can have Bret. I don’t want him any more 🙂

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