the gods I don’t believe in

Texts I can’t read.


Doors I don’t enter.


Lamps I don’t light.


Offerings I don’t buy.


Offerings I don’t make.


Temples I don’t worship at.


Gods I can’t access.


Butterlamps I don’t light.


Prayer wheels I don’t spin.


Lights I don’t have on my walls.


Prayers I don’t say.


Statues I don’t touch.

Claws I don’t look to for protection.

In a way, I suppose, all gods are faceless.


In a land dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism, I am surrounded by artifacts and houses of worship that are a mystery to me. Traditions that “my people” have followed for centuries as vast and unknown as the mountains and the seas.


Walking around, all I saw, were gods that I don’t believe in.

  1. so which religion then? thought u were like me ;-), agnostic..who enjoys going in the temple peripheris but never prays!….

  2. thats what agnostic means(in my view).. You belive in posetive energies but dont believe in god(or idols ) or whatever else, love or humanity is the best way to achieve that energy!
    But was your answer just diplomatic?

    • hahahah yes, I was being diplomatic 🙂 Besides Buddhism, Hinduism and Agnosticism, there are other belief systems that I can subscribe to, but for the time being, I choose not to publicize it.

  3. poet said:

    nice captions …without them you would be someone else 😉 like pious …but i loved the captions , i guess because i think i adhere to your belief or you to mine or we to someone else .. ‘butterlamps i do not light’ kinda funny i do not know how but i do ,, maybe its the butterlamp part 😉 ….
    p.s She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist.
    Jean-Paul Sartre

  4. …but, but do you not see the art? It’s all i see when I pass by a temple.

    • Of course I see the art – thus the photos. Even in pain and un-belief, I see vast amounts of beauty, and though all I witness is so far away from me, there are snippets that make me feel connected to even the things I don’t believe in.

      (Was that too deep and vague a response? Oh well.)

      • hahaha.. don’t hurt your head over it. Perhaps write a blog and I shall comment in kind?

      • That sounds like a good idea. I tried once but kept ogling at those ‘amazing’ statues of man/women/horses/mythical creatures in the temple tudals 😛 I must confess that I started to look at religion a little differently after that 🙂

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