fragment of this and that

Anywhere I go, a notebook follows. Larger ones for work, smaller ones just because.  I find quotes I enjoy and feel the need to write them down, to enjoy later. I come up with lines without context and I pull out a pen thinking it could one day turn into poetry.

Of the plethora of notebooks I’ve had, the words are rarely revisited and the phrases are never used. Today, my dad found some of my old files and emailed them to me and I found words I’d written a long time ago. Just because I feel guilty for having forgotten them, I’m choosing snippets of old files and my current moleskin to include here in hopes that it gives them some justification:

wisdom, let it be mine.
love, let it shine.
peace, it will reign.
remind me of this,
again, and again.

Misty eyes of age that don’t see so much as they remember.

I think I remember why I used to write, what pain drawing blood could not reveal I poured into ink. But when a heart no longer bleeds and there is no blood to pump, when ink does not suffice, and I still feel lost, what then? oh poet. what is the cost?

When you are the master manipulator, the story is yours to tell and the truth is yours to change.

What a topsey turvey world
when the ceiling steadies
and the ground has no place for me to stand

your misty and your heat,
you pass your tears
to my neck from your cheek.
And I love your warmth,
and your breath mixed
in my hair


Maybe when I go home tonight I’ll flip through all the other notebooks that aged and grew heavy with doodles and scribbles for months at a time in my purse.

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  1. Deepanker said:

    It’s actually fun going through your old doodles, trying to remember how u were back then what made you write those phrases. People changes and so does circumstances surrounding them, so many of the write ups now might seem ridiculous b’coz we seem to have ‘grown up’; but have we really?? Ha!Ha!

    # As for your earlier post ” The conversations…….”, I spent half a day and a night with the intent of posting my thoughts………..I still haven’t come up with anything ………but I will get back to you on that. Meanwhile, why don’t you go through the quotes of Anne Frank and/or Bhupi Sherchan………(If you already haven’t,……forgive my ignorance)

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