Not so random lists

In no particular order, things I hate:

1) I hate hospitals, especially when I’m the patient. I know doctors are there to help people (mostly), but something about the cold rooms, the particular shade of greens and blues, and the swift manner of “dactar sahibs” creep me out. They scare me without reason. I hate the scans/x-rays/tests, I hate needles and I hate how my family worries. Any idea on how to make the hospital experience any better?

2) I hate having my phone and computer banned. My electronics are an extension of me and when they are taken away, I don’t miss the gadget itself as much as I miss the wires (or wireless) means by which they connect me to people on the other side of the world or on the other side of town. I feel the need to have people close to me, and my mac and phone is how this need has been translated but when these medium are taken away I feel lost, like forgetting an important date.

3) I hate shopping for jeans. I will be the first one to tell you I am not fat, but there aren’t any jeans that fit my legs/thighs that can button without giving me a bulge that would make “you have a muffin top” sound like a compliment. Or, they fit my lady-hips but sag everywhere else, and I’m fine without wearing pants that make my thighs seem any more “muscular” than they already are. I saw some marketing scheme that said “80% of women say jeans aren’t made for their body type” and then advertised jeans that would prove us wrong. They used that slogan for maybe a few months, I’ve been unsuccessfully doing the butt-jig into jeans for years. (Btw, that was a made up statistic.)

4) I hate feeling an intense gaping hole because there are things I need to discuss and explore and I can’t seem to find the right time or people with which to do this. I’m always afraid and if I let it go I’ll have lost on something important, like a job opportunity or story that might have changed my life.

On a different note, things I love:

1) I love getting test results back that say everything is fine so that my family doesn’t have to worry anymore.

2) I love when my computer is snug in my lap and my phone is back in my hands so I can talk to people that makes the world seem okay.

3) I love having a sister so I can steal her jeans and where new denim don’t work for me, her old ones fit like worn-in shoes.

4) I love meeting people that inspire me. Nothing excites me like a person that just gets it, that can make me laugh and beyond that, someone who motivates me and teaches me a lot without even trying.

5) I love lists.

I guess at the end of the day, it works out just fine 🙂


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