a part-poem of an almost thought out ideal

the question arises
…. of identity
the elusive and never all-inclusive query of:
“who are you”


which sniffs, licks, and begs next to – “who am I”


the desire of wanting to know you
know – more, of you,
asking who I am and what I do
(with, and then again without, you)


but these questions of self,
the doubt, the vanity, the half invisible statements proclaiming
(or even, “this is you”)
are constantly rippling with
abundant with lies
sown together…with uncertainty


and so, in thinking/pleading/searching/losing/finding/hiding,…
unsure of their sound my words tiptoe across discovering:
the truth (above all)
the truth that leads to value
and understanding that “you” “we” “me” “us”
and that “I”,
I am one among many
I am, spectacularly ordinary

  1. poet said:

    ‘I am one among many
    I am, spectacularly ordinary ‘
    looking back
    back when before my birth
    i was part of my mother
    or even going further
    i was part of mother earth
    before earth i was the sun
    and before sun
    i was one …

    we are part of stars i heard it somewhere and i think it sounds awesome …

    also knowing thyself i think does not mean asking the question ‘who am i’ because who am i most probably would lead us the answer of lets say human or ones given name, gender or something alike that but knowing thyself will lead us to different answer ….

    p.s i think you got a lot of work to do in the poetic part just saying not the best i have heard ( also you might answer you never claimed to be the best i know you never did ,just saying yes you can (do better) …), i know i am not even as good as you but i have read good one so just a advice although worst vice is advice but still …

    • Thank you for your comment and your honesty 🙂 I agree, this isn’t a wonderful poem, in fact, I don’t like it much myself but there were a few phrases I had to get out and so for the sake of not losing them in the abyss that is my mind, I wrote “a part poem of a half thought out ideal” as my title suggests and posted it 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back and rework it.

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