What if…

I had a thought today: what if Adam and Eve had never eaten the forbidden fruit… never gained the knowledge of good and evil… never had to hide their shame…never had to kill animals to cover themselves….never needed clothes… would clothes ever have been invented? Beyond that… would we have accessories?

My thinking is that humans are vain and we like to make ourselves pretty. For instance, cultures that didn’t/don’t cover themselves with fabric are often decorated with tattoos and piercings and I’ve even seen footage (NatGeo? Discovery?) of almost unheard of tribes decorating various orifices with sticks. No joke. Sticks.

A brief look into the history of any people group will show the value of metals and rocks and gems… all worn on the body. So… even without clothes, we’d be compelled to have “pretty things” right? Which means… if humanity progressed in much of the same fashion, then by the same logic, there would still be mass production of purses and shoes and I bet items like armlets would be more in vogue.

So, without worrying about A-line dresses and V-necked sweaters, we could very well still have our Prada and Gucci (both of which I don’t wear… or even own… or even want to own, but you get my point), hanging off our shoulders and strapped onto our feet.

So, let me share another thought with you: I’m in full belief that we’d have shoes and bags and various (if not even more creative) forms of jewelry… but would we have ever come up with belts? The basic function of a belt that led to its discovery was to hold pants up (of course now belts don’t even need loops to be worn in, much less pants)… but without John Lennon would we have had The Beatles? … without being able to read would we have books?…. without pants, would we have belts?! (Deep right?… super deep!)

If animal hide wasn’t used as the first material of clothes, would we have been pushed to weave cotton and come up with fancy silk? Forget satins and linens, would we have come up with towels? No towels… so… no blankets?!

I wonder if the lack of apparel would propel us to decorate our hair differently… what hair styles would we invent? Would we have hair-bands? Would shaving our armpits still be in? What about… other hair? What if “red” was the color for hair one month and then shaving in ridges and waves made you the deity of fashion the next?

All that to say, wouldn’t it be amusing if all over the world people roamed around accessorized… but naked.  Just imagine: walking down the streets of New York, face rouged, lips red, heels resounding off pavements, bright purse in hand, silver sliding down necks, heavy bracelets covering arms… and no clothes.

Funny right?

Even with clothes though, our world has seen the likes of these:

To the left, we have a Mursi woman with her lip plate – a sign of beauty in the tribe. The plate of wood or terracotta makes a woman beautiful and should her lip break no man would marry her because she’d be considered ugly.  And apparently all the women are shaved, like the men, because they hate hairiness!










To the right: an engraving of a man from the Marquesas Islands covered in a full body tattoo dated 19th century.















And in parts of Thailand… beauty is neck high?
















Humans….we’re pretty weird.

  1. EE said:

    Visited the Suri tribe, a close relative of the Mursi, my understanding from people who lived with the Suri for years is that they are unable to grow much hair on their bodies. No one has a beard, they were amazed that we had beards (we visited a couple who lived there with the tribe for 17 years, a very different experience than coming by on a tourist visit, when you are not paying them money to be “cultural” the tribe acts quite differently in normal day to day life). Anyways, thought I should post. If anyone knows better then please let me know. Lip plates are also common for the Suri, the photo came up on a search so I found this post.

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