Remember, remember, the (2)5th of… (not-)November …

This is not going to be a literary feat, I just feel the need to write down my thoughts and feelings so one day when I watch how my words and thoughts have grown I’ll come across this and think, “Ah…I remember that night.”

I’ve been thinking about that night from not too long ago, actually, it’s fresh and within the week, but I am unable to capture it in words, so I’ve given up on finding the perfect concoction of syllables.

The night being a Friday, it was so normal in some ways and yet spectacular in others – it was a night of celebrations. We toasted poetry. We sang praises of friendship. We danced.  And ultimately, we celebrated journalism and therefore our lives. The red pen of deadlines that pulls us together, the common link between us, the visible connection printed in black and white were merely solidified.

Moved to speeches, emotional to tears, a group of co-workers turned friends (that are more like family), we enjoyed conversing, disputing, talking, and behind it all, we shared an experience.

Bear footed, letting the March night’s chill settle on my skin, hearing the voices I often read in print, I felt like I was able to peer into a glass ball, and I  knew in advance that that was a moment I’d always look back on and know life was good.

Thinking about it now, trying to explain to other friends why I had such a great weekend, I suffer from a lack of words (which is a feat seeing as I always have thoughts in my head and opinions on my tongue). “It was just…soo good…” I heard myself say over and over again. Yet, being who I am, I still feel the need to give those moments life, by writing it down, by marking its existence in history, because though there are pictures of us with our arms around each other and smiled plastered on our tired yet enthused red faces – the digital images in pixels can’t convey the intimacy of what followed into the wee hours of the morning.

Finding myself in the company of a woman who makes words submit to her, a comic of a person who hides his depth of emotions, a vocal and expressive entertainer, the epitome of a good friend, and all the others I am happy to spend work hours and my free time with, I am reminded again and again that I am blessed.

Nights like those, people like these – they are a gift.

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  1. Aakar said:

    “It was just…soo good…”

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