Milk and sugar?…uhh… sure?

I’m in my 20’s and I don’t know how I like my tea or coffee. I quit caffeine seven years ago and trying to figure these things out now is interesting. The odd part is, I’m the official tea maker of the family. I know exactly the specifics for my mom, dad, sister, boyfriend and even my sister’s boyfriend… but in the last few days since I’ve been making myself tea, I pause for a second, (spoon in hand) and am unsure about the portions of milk and sugar that go in my mug.

When I was in Amrika, going into Starbucks meant getting rice crispy treats or cookies with hot chocolate….(you mean.. they serve coffee there?!!). I’ve ordered coffee here  a few times, but due to lack of batti, I’ve settled for “regular coffee please”. I’ve yet to venture out for fancier coffee concoctions – cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, espressos – all a world entirely unknown to me! I need coffee coinsurers to guide me around the city so I can discover my drink of choice and have another thing on my list I can check that contributes to me being an “adult”.

Anyways, on top of being back on coffee and tea (btw, I truly believe that bhatti tea is the best!) I’m also back to drinking soda. I still don’t really like Coke, Sprite is about the same, but the Fanta from a decade ago that used to be my drink of choice seems watered down and doesn’t satisfy me like it used to. Sad day.

AND….and after giving up meat for a year, it’s nice to gobble up choila and momos and chicken chilly!!! (Plus I think my mom is happier about not having to make an extra veg dish to accommodate my dietary differences.)

This is my year and I have decided I’m not denying myself anything… opportunities, love, food… I want it and I want it all!!! (I still won’t eat capsicum though. That shit is nasty.)

So… call me for a coffee date, show me your fav spots, order me your fav drink – I’m up for all these new experiences…. and one day when some one says, “Milk? Sugar?” I’ll be able to say, “One spoon of sugar and milk on the side please!”… or whatever it is my undiscovered preference is.

  1. saurab said:

    i for one drink coffee a lot, a lot more than tea anyhow. however, i still cannot distinguish things like amount of sugar or the milk. At home its usually jus normal coffee, with a half spoon of coffee or sth like that … however, for coffee… i have found to wonderful places.. for me … i rather like coffee at “The Coffee Beans” at kupondole, and (newly opened) “Caramel Bistro”, around jhamsikhel area. Others say they like “JAVA” but for me… those are the two where i go for cool latte, or cappucino, or even espresso and mocha on those odd days …

    however, i still don’t kno much about coffee… except that i drink it sometimes … and they are good (i.e. tasty) 😀 ..
    anyhow.. u cud try those places … and make ur choice… in wat u like..

  2. wow, do not go to java – their coffee is good (mmm but the affogato there is the best i’ve had anywhere). it’s just java as in idea is so boring.

    go to “the coffee” (further down java/past some weird party palace), or to middle-school-invaded aqua java zing (they have this splendid summer drink – coffee oreo etc mix) you’ll have to go during school hours/days to avoid those kids) and my fave coffee in all of ktm is actually lazy gringo and fire and ice. they do dammi pizza, of course, but their regular coffee is what i want to be able to make first thing in the morning. chai chai has good cappuccino. i haven’t had lattes since i was like 14 hola. anyway, welcome to a carnivorous caffeine hyped world ; )

  3. Aakar said:

    I prefer coffee… Mostly regular coffee… Yeah, there’s one station named, ‘coffee station’ at thapathali……bt ali crowd badhi hunchha… gals,boys, sabai cigarette tanera baschhan…so, don’t go too much there….
    And in cold drinks, its better to drink transparent(colorless) drink like sprite or dew rather than fanta 😀

  4. I am Instant human, you just have to add some coffee! About places, Here is one place called Woondaal, they only serve regular coffee, but its great

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