I’m getting too old for things…

I understand that I’m “too old” for playgrounds and the ball pit (but oh how I love the ball pit!).. but it makes me UBER sad that I’m also “too old” to be a participant for this:

(And this is the part where I copy paste EVERYTHING to save you a click or two…( maybe…), SO.. if you’re *sigh* “young” enough.. do it up and apply, sounds puuuuurdy fantastish to moi. (Yes, I speak French! or not. whatever.)

SUMMER SCRAWLS is a collaborative writing project (aimed at those of you who’ve just finished your SLC exams) and will culminate in a handmade literary journal produced entirely by participants. If you are enthusiastic about writing and wish to share your creative juices with a group of dynamic, young writers, join us in an experimentation that uses words and language as tools for self expression.

For two weeks, you will get the… opportunity to participate in intensive writing workshops, embark on mini-excursions around Kathmandu, watch and discuss films and documentaries, gain exposure to different forms of media and interact with young “experts” who are making a living off their passion and creativity.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of writing forms including:

mixed genres

Participants will also try to widen readership by learning to write for specific audiences which will include

writing for community engagement
writing for children
writing for friends and family
writing for self
writing for the anonymous reader

If you want to pursue your interest in writing in whatever capacity, spend this summer dabbling with words. Scrawl away!

Apply by downloading the application form from http://sattya.org/collective/2011/04/summerscrawls/. Send your applications to ayushma@ventzine.com

Applications will be accepted until the 22nd of April.

Participation fee is Rs. 2,000 and will include fees for all sessions and materials, transport during excursions, and light snacks during the day. Participants are requested to bring their own lunch.

(Partial scholarships available for a limited number of seats: do not shy away from applying due to financial reasons. Just write to us explaining why we should give you a scholarship and we’ll get back to you.)

Information on facilitators:
Ayushma Regmi lives in the outskirts of Kathmandu and likes to think of herself as a villager. She dreams of a world where people don’t have careers or passports and where everything is without a name. Always looking for a job but never fully employed, she juggles her time between dubious kitchen experiments and V.E.N.T! Magazine and has facilitated a number of creative writing programs including the Scribble Wibble project. If things work according to plan, Ayushma would eventually like to open a school in a real village somewhere in Nepal where she can teach, learn, grow her own food and milk cows.

Shreya Thapa is currently a correspondent at Republica National Daily but that says little to nothing about her. She is happiest when stuffing her face, and is even more pleased should eating happen in the company of intelligent, funny, inspiring, people. Her favorite kind of learning happens outside of educational institutions and she is saddened by the cruel truth that she will never know everything.

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  1. man i am WAY too old to apply but would have loved to.

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