Google me this…

Let me preface this post by stating that I am easily entertained. That being said, here is a list of my favorite Google searches which have directed lost souls to my blog (my comments follow in brackets).

Enjoy, because I did:
daughter first period cramps (yes, because on here, you will find all the advice needed to deal with a teenager and her period induced confusion/angst)
now it haunts me (my blog does?!!)
man and woman full body together people in photos (kinda sweet… but what does this have to do with my blog?)
lip jobs black people (for three easy payments of $100.00 each, I’ll send you tutorials)
why do I pass gas when I’m mentrating? (If anyone knows… please enlighten me, especially if you know what “mentrating” is)
what makes me feel euphoric in a sentence (I’ll say it in a word: drugs)
diamond memory lane schematics (what?)
hot ladyboy (YOU KNOW IT!)
are nepalese men cold hearted (why are you asking Google?)
funny bathroom signs (something I should def write about)
handcuff to bed (never mind… THIS is what I need to write about)
hd mouth (because, that’s something we ALL look for at some point in our lives.. in hd)

Annnnnnnnnd since I LOOOOoooooOOOOOOoooooVE lists, my top five:
5) bengali armpit (EPIC… but why is anyone Googling this?)
4) what would be considered high tea apparel for men (good question)
3) no clothes women (this is clearly where to come for naughty subliminal messages in terrible grammar)
2) neck (yeps. neck. that’s it. neck.)
1) a man with a thick mustache (hells. effing. yes.)

There you have it ladies and gentle-boys, what people are looking for and the clearly questionable content of my blog which lands them here.
In my thoughts.

  1. poet said:

    oooooooo bengali armpit hahahhahaha google is badass …………………yes i also think you should write on handcuff to bed ,like there he was handcuff to bed with his thick mustache ,considering what to wear for teatime ..And now it hunts me ,with all the money i made from those black lips jobs , i have become filthy (diamond memory lane schematics) rich but how can i love a man with a bengali armpit and also i think he is a lady boy ….

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