I has the sads :(

My best friend left today. And I am sad.
The last time I saw her, I was on the other side of the world, I was about 10 kgs heavier, my hair was short, I was dating the wrong guy, I was confused , I had no job, no idea about where to go or what to do with life. I was a wreck.

This time, I’m ‘home’, I’ve come down to my normal (slightly squishy, never skinny) size, my hair tickles down most of my back, I’m with a man who always makes me laugh, I have a job I love, I’ve got life somewhat under control, I still don’t know where to go or what to do…but I am happy.

A lot has changed in the last two years, but in the last seven days we just spent together it’s clear our friendship hasn’t.

I still laugh more with her than I do with anyone else, we still take photos of ourselves making super silly faces, I can talk to her about everything (or just one thing) and she still listens, we’re still entirely predictable to each other, we can make confessions we’d never admit to others, we can discuss religion and our change in beliefs or disbeliefs, I still can’t lie to her about anything, we never feel the need to entertain each other but we’re unceasingly entertained, and we could never ever ever replace each other.

But a list does no good…sometimes a song says it better:

I miss her 😦


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