An incomplete list

Some of my favorite things about the world, somethings I effortlessly love:

1)  monsoon rains and the smell of earth it gives rise to

2)  skype for the long distance intimacy it allows which is missing in e-mails/facebook and other mediums of communication

3)  silence that you can be comfortable in and with which allows for depth in serenity

4)  skin – all the colors and variation in shades, a rainbow of races and our differences

5)  the sensation of touch that allows my fingers to memorize my boyfriend’s face, that enables me to the feel the texture of tree bark and that gives me a real way to experience the tangible. You discover so much history by touch

6)  having the capacity to question, to think, to explore and attempt to understand

7)  how we are surrounded by creation, not just natural formations but I adore the beauty in the idea that each building, sign, fabric, shoe, wire, and paper has been touched by the human hands that gave it birth.

8)  music that plays in my belly and that swirls inside of me

9)  people who  aren’t easy to read but are puzzles that I can try to figure out

10)  20/20 hindsight that gives meaning to all the things most people usually wish away

11)   that food isn’t just consumed but how it can be experienced with your tongue and all your other senses

12)  waking up and looking forward to the day because mornings like that are rare

13)  that I have people I’ve known and loved for more than half my life

14)  days when I’m excited about the future








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  1. prabesh said:

    765…. Will wait that to complete!

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