WARNING: This is my word of caution to readers who did not enjoy my other post that talked about toilet activities; you may refer to this post as “Poop Post Numero Two”

The boyfriend has IBS, as does a friend of mine and I’m pretty sure its compromised my digestive system. Okay fine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome may not be transferable, but it sounded like far more legit rational as to why I’ve been spending so much time in the little girl’s room.

My usually morning routine entailed one trip to the loo, a happy deposit and I’d be set for the whole day. (Side note: I HATE days where I have to leave the house without a successful trip on the porcelain throne.)

But about a week ago, I was leaving packages no less than FOUR TIMES A DAY. That’s a lot of material to be expelled from my little body. And it wasn’t like goat droppings of iddy-biddy-turds, they were like full fledged my-system-should-be-all-cleared kinda movements.  I have no idea how my body was carrying that much wastage.  I keep hoping this means I’m losing weight without even having to try (!!!!!!!)… but seeing how I have an overachieving ‘muffin top’  (over my pants, not my bra) I’m guessing that’s just wishful thinking.

And yesterday, I was attacked by nausea/aches/pains so I fled from the office and tried not to vomit on the bus that was filled with toxic underarm odor.  Spent a good amount of the day running to the bathroom (shoving all women and children out of the way – me first I say), unsure of which end would be hanging into the bowl.

Lovely. And today, I awake with similar feelings so I’m not going to work, it’s past 1pm, I’m still in PJ’s, I haven’t brushed my teeth, I’m full swing into the disgusted-with-myself mode and therefore am writing this post to fool myself into thinking I’ve done something productive today.

I’ll probably make another visit to the meditation room and then sleep until the intense urge wakes me up and calls me for another trip.

Sometimes, my body turns against me and I can’t fathom why… I feed it all sorts of delicious chocolate and momos and foods and edibles…why it hate me?!

  1. Johnny B. said:

    That’s logical since the only real cause of having ibs symptoms is a very heavy parasitic infection, 95% of the world population is infected with at least one type of parasite and doctors will never ever diagnose you for it, even when it’s crystal clear for them that you have them. Don’t get fooled by the pieces of “undigested food” you see in your stool, they’re all pieces of parasites, only babies don’t properly digest food because their bowels are not fully grown yet to perform efficiently. Have a nice day!

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