An observation…and then some.

So, it’s summer… which mean my legs need to breath and I prefer to wear shorts/skirts/dresses (but all of modest length mind you) to let my legs be furthered browned by the sun. This also means I need to shave…but I’m a lazy bum and don’t use my razor as much as I probably should… and just a few mins ago (as we’re nearing upon 3 am) I stretched to realize that when I forget to shave my legs, I tend to ignore my underarms as well.
That sprout of stubble was a surprise.
*Note to self: either shave more or don’t raise arms in public.

In other news, I’m getting a dog and naming it “A-Diamond”, that way when they say, “A diamond is a girl’s best friend,” I can nod and agree. ZING.

Does anyone else think it’s time for me to freaking get my shit done? How come when it’s late and I have a lot of work it becomes PRIME FACEBOOK STALKING TIME?… I don’t even use fb much anymore!!! And all of a sudden people I haven’t chatted with in forever have the most interesting lives!!! As one facebook group put it: Procrastinators of the world unite!…tomorrow.

Now I go make attempts to finish work. Bye bye blog. Sorry I post crap here.

It’s hot. It’s so freaking hot. I don’t think it’s just because my laptop is heated up… my whole face is sticky and the game I’m playing right now is called, “Wipe Face, be Shocked at Amount of Grease” – this game is awesome because I wipe every few minutes and the shock factor keeps increasing as it appears my face is capable of excreting oils at an astonishing rate. If Nepal developed (in the right direction) at a similar pace, desh ta ekai din ma banthiyo! Sadly it’s not the case and it won’t take one day but probably a hundred years before Nepal stabilizes (if it ever does that is).


Brooding over my country sounds way more appealing than finishing my work.

Who’s with me?! WOE IS NEPAL.

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  1. this might be one of my very favourite posts yet! you’re hilarious!

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