They always said, “You might not get along now, but you’ll be best friends when you’re older.” I’m not sure ‘They’ were 100% right, (I gots me a #1 best friend already) but whoever ‘They’ is, they’re pretty smart…  (I mean.. they get quoted a lot you know?) Anyways, point being: it’s easy to forget how awesome my sister is.

I forget how many times she’s “borrowed” shoes and returned them stretched to the point where they no longer fit me… and she’s happily there to play Cinderella. She’s often coerced me into editing long pieces of crap she claims will make me more intelligent… (they don’t) and she’s famous for resorting to her catch-phrase, “I’ll pay you,” when a favor is required… but she’ll never do me a favor unless she can make a deal with me and get something in return (and yet, she claims to be a die hard Marxist and NOT a Capitalist). She has this incredible gift of being able to make EVERY SINGLE conversation about her, really it’s a gift… earthworms, asparagus, Ghana, Eddie Murphy – don’t matter, somehow it’s all about her. She lies compulsively… but her lies are SO RANDOM I don’t know why she does it.

… the list could go on.

But when I’ve had a bad day, she knows to bring me chocolate or cream puffs. When my wallet is rather light, she’ll happily lend me crisp notes (if she’s got any). When I’ve got into a fight – she’s on my side without even knowing what happened. When I’m angry as hell, she’s there to listen and then vent with me. When I could get into trouble with the parents, she’s there (using her lying skills for good) to still make me look like an ideal daughter. She’s always got my back. Always.In fact, if she was a brother (and several sizes larger) I’m pretty sure she would have hospitalized a fair number of people on my behalf and she’d do it most definitely without my permission.

But more than anything, although I may tell her otherwise, I know that no one believes in me as much as she does. She’s spoken praises of my acting abilities, (although she’s never actually seen me perform on stage). She is my biggest fan when it comes to writing (although she doesn’t always know what I’m writing about), and at the end of the day, I guess there isn’t anyone else who’s shared as many experiences with me and who really knows me as well as she does.

In this moment, seeing how much this bond does to two people who are SO different, I’m so grateful. I don’t imagine all siblings or all sister have what we do, and although I’m sure I’ll yell at her tomorrow for hiding my shoes (which she did this morning), I know she’ll always be an incredible sister who I don’t thank nearly enough.

So, dear beloved didi, count this as your thanks because I probably won’t say anything this nice until your wedding…where I shall reveal far more embarrassing stories.

Thank you. ❤

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  1. d said:

    hehehe..i thought she HAD already hospitalized a few 🙂

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