The build up

You ever have those days where you’re waiting for something to happen and while you’re waiting you realize it’s taken about 10 times longer than you had anticipated and so because the expected time has come and gone you go through about a thousand possible scenarios as to why your phone still hasn’t rang or why someone still hasn’t shown up or why something still isn’t done? Yeah. That’s what I’m feeling right now. In fact, this is the second time today I’ve been experiencing… the build up.

What’s annoying is that I tell myself there are so many things I could do while I’m waiting… but of the to-do-list the only thing that gets accomplished is checking my phone… twice… every minute.

AND…the best part of my now 1am wait is the drumming build up soundtrack I have…. my mother says someone in a Tamang family must have passed away… and the heart pounding drumming from the house near mine will continue all night… as will my waiting (probably).

I wish I could find the clip of South Park’s Insheeption background to make my point… but the only clip I found was in Spanish. Boo. Anyways… here I go… still waiting….


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