Bucket list

1) Sky dive
2) Float in the Dead Sea with a rock on my belly (and photograph it!)
3) Write a book
4) Make my own clothes
5) Celebrate Christmas in the southern hemisphere (find a Santa in shorts!)
6) Visit all the continents (fine… maybe not Antarctica)
7) Hold a koala
8) Ride an ostrich
9) Own two dogs – one small enough to fit on my lap, another big enough for me to ride.
10) See the northern lights
11) Go to an opera
12) Spend a birthday traveling from the east to the west so celebrations last more than 24 hours 🙂
13) Write honestly and truly about love.
14) Find an occasion to wear a red dress (and pull it off…)
15) Try on stilts

Hmmm… always thought there would be more on my list…maybe I don’t expect much out of life and I’ve already done enough to die without feeling like I missed out on too much.

(Or my brain isn’t working and I can’t remember everything right now)

  1. Aakar said:

    So, ZNMD inspired you. 😀

  2. thoughts said:

    I want to sky dive too …..In Mount Everest that is …Not climb that so very high mountain all the way up and jump,,, no ,not that way ,,that is stupid hehe but around Everest will do fine…
    also i read dead sea is getting deader,,, better hurry …..

  3. robbie said:

    totally misread 9 and thought u wanted a dog big enough to ride you… giggity

    14: every wedding i go to there is one girl who wears a red dress and she is always unforgettable. always the best looking girl @ the wedding.

    • i think that means you wear a red dress to the next wedding!

    • Giggity-giggity 🙂 or… I’ll just wear red to my own wedding AND be the most stunning person there!!

  4. zinta said:

    I did dead sea this year. I hope you get to do this soon.

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