Nepali bloggers…unite?!

So, first off… a very big thank you to those who read and commented on my previous post, the response leads me to believe that a lot of us are on the same page in terms of our blogging freedom which brings me to my proposal:

What if all of us bloggers blogged about the “code of conduct”? We could compile our posts, our opinions, our thoughts, experiences… and no citations will be required for any of it! And then… maybe we can propose Nepali Keti do a piece on it?

Leave me a comment to let me know if you’re in and if you do blog about it send me links!!!

(Also.. who posted the previous post on facebook? I got a fair number of hits from you so thank you!)


UPDATE: GUUUUUYS!!! Guffadi is IN and has blogged about it!!! If you want to join WWWWWW, go to his blog to find out what it is and to sign up!!!… I already did.


  1. Kancha said:

    code of conduct:
    1.There should be no rules for bloggers.
    2. There should be no laws against bloggers.
    3. There should be no regulations against bloggers.
    4. There should be no guideline for bloggers.
    5. There should be no directive …….
    and finally….. Did I mention about laws? Yes, No laws for bloggers.

  2. Facebook ma Chapideko maile nai ho said:

    you are welcome 🙂
    and support this 😀

    • hahahhaha.. thanks for not actually telling me who you are 😉 But I really do appreciate you getting the word out!!

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