Random things

I decided to write a random post, and so for inspiration I Google imaged “random things” and the first image that showed up was the chocolate bunnies. It made me smile 🙂

More random things:
1) Recently… ants have taken to visiting my desk at work. I don’t know where they come from, but crawling on my arm or on my mouse does not result in a happy ending for them. 😦

2) When I’m in a bad mood, I take it out on the people I love the most. I wonder why we do that…

3) Thanks to a new friend I discovered another personality test called the Enneagram, which has given me some new things to think about… and while reading up on the personality I tested to be, I got thinking… it’s super cool that I can have something told to me and I def experienced a few “oooooh” moments as some other things became more clear about myself, but then I also got thinking that I don’t like the idea of “discovering myself” through a test. The idea of me being just one of nine personalities kind of made me sad – what’s the fun if we as complex beings and individuals are that easily broken down to “types”?

I’m still going to read up more on “myself” though 🙂

4) Lately… I don’t know how to wear color and find myself drawn more and more to dark hues or black… which is fine but every time I’m clad in black from head to toe, the day ends up being unbearably hot.

5) I’ve discovering the beauty in navy blue/dark blue (but emerald green is still my favorite).

6) I’ve come to admit that I am insanely jealous of people who are all-rounders… they’re smart, good looking, have amazing personalities, are super talented and will probably excel at LIFE and be a success where ever they go. Lucky for me, this describes a good number of my friends (I secretly hope their traits will rub off on me.)

7) I don’t know why I’m so lazy… I need to find a good motivator, ideas anyone?

8) Before, I used to measure time by semesters and what year I was in high school/college,but seeing as my life lacks semesters and summer vacations, I think for a while I’ll gauge it by jobs. Soon enough it’ll be remembered by weddings and babies… other people people, and soon enough probably mine too. Yikes.

9) I’m super excited for the Tin Tin movie. Oh bits of childhood.

10) I think I’m finally beginning to understand what love is.

11) It’s time, again, for my life to welcome change… nothing kills me like stagnancy, but the older you get, the more difficult it gets to balance change since you have to take into account life, relationships, jobs, family, the future, and of course, being interested, being able to grow…and making enough money through all of it. hm.


  1. Ash said:

    Thanks for your random thoughts:) I also google imaged searched “random thoughts” and that led me to your blog. I just started a blog and your method for this post is inspiring!

    • Hahah. Yeah! Randomness is AWESOME and seeing what type of a blog post it turns out to be is always interesting. Hope it works out well for you 🙂

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