Dream a Little Dream

Some songs are truly magical and have the ability to transport you from wherever you are to bliss.
Forget work, forget that it’s a Saturday and that I’m at work, forget that I’m cranky and don’t want to be here… I let myself Dream a Little Dream and find that I am happy 🙂

This song reaffirms this suspicion I have about being born in the wrong time. I think, perhaps, life would have been better suited for me when voices like Cass Elliot and Louis Armstrong swept you out of bad moods and into lingering sensations of lips, kisses, and night long embraces.

Mmmm… right now, I’m totally okay with being sappy… this song makes me want to drag my feet into light steps and lazy sways with my man. I love you mero mayalu!!!

Cass Elliot:

Louis Armstrong:

And a rather beautiful cover by Kevin Mchale (“Artie” from Glee)

(Guess who’s been listening to this on repeat for the last two hours?) 😀

  1. RG said:

    LOL, i didn’t know another person has fallen in love with the same song exactly at same moment 😛

    Did you miss the version by Mamas and Papas? Come on, put that up as well 😀

  2. I LOVE classic jazz. Louis Armstrong on Pandora has been my music of choice lately. Haven’t figured out who you are yet, but your blog seems pretty good from what I’ve seen so far!

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