Things to miss

I initially clicked the “new post” button today because I was going to write about things I’m missing out on by not being in America (or ‘ Amrika’ as I’ve grown accustomed to saying). Today is a dear friend’s birthday but besides scattered Skype dates and Facebook posts, I haven’t seen her in two years and I miss her so much today especially knowing I’m missing out on her turning into a quarter of a century old. Most of my best college memories involve her and if I took the time, our list of inside jokes would make for quite a long tale.

But then came marriage (her’s not mine!), a child (again hers), moving away (this one is me) and I just miss her… a lot. I miss the parties we’d go to and the parties we’d throw. I miss our wardrobe and our colorful clothes/makeup. I miss the jokes. I miss our mutual obsessions. I just miss her. And I miss her son… who I STILL haven’t been able to meet.  😦

I’m also sad today because I received a wedding invitation (snail mail!) to another friend’s wedding and though I’ve missed several weddings in the last two years, it made me sad to sit here with the beeeeeautiful invitation in my hand knowing she sent it across the globe fully aware of how I won’t be able to attend.  It’s a real bummer missing out on huge life events of people I care about.

So today, I got thinking…and… gosh… I miss America.  I miss my friends, I’ve missed events and very special occasions, I miss a few cities, I had a moment a little while ago where I missed a few eateries I frequented a lot, I miss the freedom, I miss having my own place, I miss the options of entertainment, I miss the shopping, I miss all of it.

Which is odd to me because in the last two years, I’ve been very happy to be back home. I appreciate life here, I like who I am better, I’m so happy to have met my Man here, I have a great job, I like getting to know my family, I enjoy learning/re-learning things about Nepal… but the downside is having a completely different life that I no longer have access too.

While in the middle of work, I was thinking about all of these things and how I was aching for that different life… and I found this link about sex workers in Bangladesh and it served to put things in perspective. I guess most of my posts here end up being sad and contemplative and about things I think about (as the name of this stupid blog suggests) but I’m also very lucky that life likes to hand me little reminders of how truly lucky I am… at some point though I’m going to have to blog when I’m feeling quirky and hyper because they make for far more entertaining posts.

Oh well.

Happy Birthday SB!!!

  1. Beata said:

    Oh, I can so understand … even after all these many years (for me it’s been moe than three decades of studying in Amrika 🙂 I have very similar feelings. The difference between life in the U.S. and Germany isn’t quite as huge as the difference U.S./Nepal, but I still miss a lot of the same things. And of course, at my advanced age :-), I generally just miss that time of my life…

  2. Kancha said:

    We all miss the moments from past. But in my opinion, It’s not about where we were/ are, it’s all about who we were/are with. So being in Amrika, Germany or Nepal doesn’t make any difference. As long as we have a good friends and family around we will always have a good time.

  3. Sara said:

    I miss you too! No matter how long til we see each other again you will ALWAYS be a part of my heart! (Does that sound too cheesy, like it belongs in a romantic movie? O well, it’s still true)

  4. Amanda said:

    After two years coming back and forth to Nepal it suddenly hit me the other day i miss home too! I miss 20 different sorts of yogurt at the super market, air conditioning, foot paths… I love it here but god i understand you cos i really miss home!

  5. Hope said:

    I miss you too, Pineapple!

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