Where’s the “book” in “Facebook”?

I recently saw this article somewhere that said kids these days don’t even read one book a month, instead all of their reading happens on Facebook, Twitter and the likes…. W T  F.

To me, that reads (haha) like a new generation fail. I come from a time where my mom raised my sister and I single handedly (because my dad was elsewhere for his studies) and she was a full time mom, a full time student AND she worked part time.

Not that I was particularly aware of it then, but I didn’t have a lavish childhood, I had enough and that was that. But if there was anything my mom was willing to splurge on – it was books. She was reluctant to buy us toys that would fall apart after a few plays (our game of scrabble is still intact and in its weary box, and our Lego set still has most of its pieces) the only rule we had: we had to read the books we choose and then only would we get new ones.

My sister and I devoured books, we grew to love reading and these books from our childhood (Babysitters Club, Babysitters Little Sister, The Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie serious, Enid Blyton)  are currently take over the bulk of the bookshelf in my room.

Of course, now that I’m an adult (supposedly) my ‘grown up’ books have taken over the shelf above my bed..and even the bed itself, I always have a book in my bag, and a few others in the bathroom too! The pleasure of reading, of being sucked into a black and white picture-less world that offers me thousands of images fed into my imagination is so beautiful. The stories, the lives, the fiction, the non-fiction, the mystery, the morals – all of it delivered so well…NONE of which I find on Facebook.

Not too long ago, a friend (who only recently succumbed to the social networking site) and I were talking about why we don’t like Facebook, and the reasons were abundant:

1) Facebook is NOT real life… but people seem to be unaware of the difference between the two.

2) Fb is a LIE… it makes EVERYONE’s lives appear so freaking awesome.. and they’re not.

3) You waste time stalking other people… and you can be stalked too…. creeeeeeepy

4) The awkward I-don’t-want’-t0-friend-you-but-I-have-to situation that we all face all to often

5) People use Facebook to feed their vanity… I mean.. what better reason to have 89 FB albums… and all these profile pics of of you supposedly looking hot that everyone has to “like” or comment saying, “omg.. you look soooo pretty!” even if it’s not true… especially if it’s not true.

6) How many “friends” you have is not a good way of judging popularity in real life, if anything, I’ve come across articles that say often the people with more FB friends are the most lonely.

7) It makes people so bitchy, but in two different ways:

a) Passive aggressive/ hate status. I CANNOT stand these. People with cryptic passive aggressive status are annoying and lack the balls to actually say what they want to the person/people concerned.

b) It makes ME more bitchy because when I’m stalking people… I totally judge. Like, “Bitch.. how the f did she get so hot after high school?” or.. “he’s dating HER?!!!” or… “OMG. UGLY WEDDING DRESS.” you know.. just mean things like that, and I don’t actually want to be that terrible of a person.

8) FB makes you compare lives, compare pictures and since we’re all narcissistic beings, FB just makes it easy for us to make other people’s lives about ourselves… and.. FB is just appearances. When I am actually having a great time, and enjoying my friends, family, life, I’m actually busy enjoying myself instead of being on FB.

9) Some people have 99/100 profile pictures of them and their boyfriend/girlfriend and it’s slightly disgusting (I have zero for the record!). Okay great, you love each other, I get it.. but I don’t want to read a billion wall posts/ status about how your googlie-wooglies-bubbumgum-honey- dewdrop-angel is the best. There’s making out for that which I also don’t want to see.

10) Wastes time.

SO, all of that being said (and I’m sure there are more reasons I can’t think of right now) you’d think I’d end this post with a grand declaration of “I’M GETTING OFF OF FACEBOOK” but, the truth it, it is nice being able to see what my friends are up to… especially the ones I don’t see/ talk to everyday.

But what I can do, is be more level headed about FB, not take it too seriously, and do real life things (blogging! haha) instead of increasing my FB activity.

  1. Mindbusyness said:

    Yessss, so good and candid! The narcissistic/comparing lives thing is disturbingly addictive…er, I mean…I NEVER compare myself to other people…or judge their lives based on fb…

  2. Kancha said:

    True to some extent, I’m not regular fb user too but ……No offense, Post Sounds like Reaction Formation. 🙂

  3. robbie said:

    screw that, my fb statuses are hilarious

    • True… very true… but none are as witty or entertaining at your’s 🙂

  4. Hope said:

    #2 and #7a… lolz! So true.

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