MOAR LISTS!!!! (aka: More thoughts I’m too lazy to put into a fullfledged post)

1) Everyone wants to be unique, but only so long as they remain in the realm of what is acceptable – most people do not dare to be so different that they are an outcast.

Maybe in that, we can sift through to the few who are original and therefore often deemed “crazy”.

2) I need new underwear. There is something about a great bra and panties that gives you confidence from the inside (hah), and even if no one sees what you’ve got underneath you just feel better all day. Or at least I do.

(Does anyone know where in Kathmandu I could buy myself some great intimates at a price that won’t make me want to rob a bank?)

3) I feel bad for cliches.. .words, thoughts, and phrases so good that they were overused and abused and discarded to “that’s so cliche”… doesn’t make them any less true though…

4) I love nicknames, I love giving them and I love getting them. There’s something so personal and intimate about them, as if having a special name between two people (or maybe even a small group) gives you claim to a small part of a person you so love.

So next time someone asks, “What’s in a name?” I’d say there’s a heck lot, and there’s possibly more in a nick name.

5) As far as writing goes, I think real true “success” is when it comes to become forced reading. The (supposed) best of literary becomes text for classrooms…but then everyone hates them just because it’s mandatory. Ending up in a classroom for a bunch of uninterested youth – what a terrible place to end for works that have withstood the test of time and criticism.

6) I don’t know why people try to get famous by being known for being able to imitate someone else well… isn’t that a insult to your own talent?

7) Sometimes, just sometimes, I dread the direction in which I’m aging.

8) I want to grow old with dignity and grace. I’m genetically almost identical to my mom and looking at her, it’s a safe bet that I’ll age well…. but I hope that gray hair and wrinkles (which I will call ‘laugh lines’) will make me feel far more beautiful than the nervous self conscious make-up and dressing up of youth.

9) I always say, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” and I believe it, but a friend from the past often said, “Timing is everything,” and I’m beginning to see the truth in that too. For a few years I’d make the acquaintance of people and I’d transport myself to the last scene of Fight Club where the ever so sexy Edward Norton holds Helen Bonham Carter’s hand and says, “You met me at a very strange time in my life,” but lately, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing/re-introducing people into my life and I feel a ripple of joy to think, I’ve met them at the perfect time in my life.

10) Ten items on a list make for an ideal list, don’t ask me why.

  1. why did you spell the title “moar” … ? i’m confused.

  2. minraws said:

    i so agree with no. 2 in the list. i think the best place would be new road? i don’t know. i bought few from intimate delights around bhatbhateni (naxal side) and seriously like u would say ‘it made me rob a bank’ i’m still searching for places where i can find good ones in a reasonable price. there’s one in harihar bhawan- femilines.

    • Yeah… I’ve browsed around New Road but they all kinda look the same and this is totally snooty of me, but I didn’t see anything that thrilled me like Victoria Secret would. haha. Have yet to try Bhat Bhateni… but I’ve seen femilines and it just look a little awkward… lol… I’m not looking for sexy lingerie, just some pretty undies please! haha

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