It’s good to be inspried

I believe that somewhere in the chaos and insanity of this city and of the world there lies a beam of balance that we’re dancing on. A loud crazy dance that threatens to throw us all off, the madness, the evil, the inhumane happenings, the cruelty, greed, arrogance and the worst of the worst pushes to turn me into a cynic. Some days I feel like a bitter old woman in a young body spiting the very existence of… everything.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The nature of my work leaves me hungry for stories if only to get that byline – sometimes I hunt for stories and lives, other times, they find me. Listening, asking, learning, and SEEING it’s evident that for all the negative things that cloud my eyes, there is so much GOOD.

People of all ages, as young as 13, near my age at 23, or older be it 29, 34 or 80 – people are taking the rotten stink of earth’s hell and turning it into something so beautiful. Some stories lead me to tears because there is just SO MUCH LOVE and goodwill. I’m in awe of the people I’ve had the blessing of meeting and interviewing.

Regardless of age, background, education, gender, caste, race – I find it hard to believe that they pass as so… ordinary. Normal people traveling on the same crowded streets I do, breathing the same pollution, and yet they’re living testaments of movements, activities, and lives that are extraordinary.

I’m at the office, a super early morning with and hours of writing ahead of me, but I had to take a moment to let the good vibes I’m carrying spread a little onto my blog because for the wild seesaw we make of our balancing beam, we’re still dancing.

It’s a beautiful thing to be inspired.

  1. Pranaya said:

    kierkegaard tells the tale of a clown, who upon seeing that the world was burning, came on stage and attempted to warn the audience. but on each warning, the audience, assuming it was all part of an act, simply laughed at him and continued to laugh and laugh until the world burned down around and on them.

    i think inspiration is a little like that.

    • I read Kierkegaard in college and I LOVED the way he looked at life!!! Although my memory has faded some, I do recall the clown on stage analogy you’re referring to… however, not sure I get how you’re linking it to inspiration… care to expand ji?

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