Are you who you were in high school?

For all the teenage drama and annoying stereotypes, I enjoy Glee for the music and the dancing and the simplified way in which it occasionally brings up issues. Anyways, like I said, the over stereotyping takes away from the show a bit, but I’ve been watching some of the show this past week and looking at the bitchy popular cheerleaders, dumb blondes, jocks, nerds, and outcasts I did what I’m sure many who watch the show do – I tried to find the character that I most identified with.

But as all inclusive as the show is of different circles, I don’t fit into any of them. I often describe myself as the girl that’s easily forgotten. Not in a bad way … more like I was very average and if you were to make a list of your classmates from high school it’d take a while before my name came up. I was average at school, average at sports, I was somewhat involved, but not a part of everything. I didn’t stand out for any reason – good or bad… I got by.

I think one of the biggest things I learned in high school was that it doesn’t last forever. If you’re not one of the kids on the “in” high school can be tough, kids are cruel and there’s good reason why that period is often remembered as the worst. High school ends, that’s for sure, but Facebook helps the best and the worst of it continue.

In the years after high school I’ve friended/refriened/ignored friend requests from a bunch of classmates and upper/under classmen. On occasion, I find myself snooping through pictures and make mental comments like “Bitch, how she get so hot?” “OMG…he’s dating her?” “Wow…” “Awww” “HAHAHA” … you get the point, I’m sure you’ve done the same. Remembering some of these people from middle school and high school there are names I could stick to the characters from Glee… some haven’t changed (the slutty girls are still skanky), while others have blossomed (a nerdy girl is BEAUTIFUL) and I wonder where I am.

I think in a lot of ways I’m the same…. average… but happy about it. Like high school I have my close circle of  friends, I have the people I need, I look about the same (maybe just a tad bit older!), if anything, I’m more confident, more comfortable with who I am and more settled than then.

Looking at Glee, and pictures from the old days… there is one thing for sure I can say: I am SO glad I did not peak then.

I do believe the best of my years are yet to come 🙂



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