Lights out

In boarding school, we had bells for everything. RIIIIING. Wake up. RIIIIING. Breakfast. RIIIIING. Go to school. RIIIIING.RIIIIING.RIIIIING.RIIIIING.RIIIIING.RIIIIING.RIIIIING.Bells between classes. Bells for recess. Bells for lunch. Bells for dinner. Bells for meeting. RIIIIING. You get the point.

The ONLY thing we didn’t have bells for was bed time.

Come darkness and the warmth of our rickety beds (with vengeful nails sticking out,) the dorm parents would walk around letting us know we had 15 mins till “lights out” so that we could brush our teeth, wash our face, hop into our PJ’s and get into bed.

Strange to think this is how 8 years of my life went by. EIGHT YEARS. And now, I have a real job (even a potential career!), I’m doing well enough for myself, some would say I’m an “adult”, but just a while ago.. at 1:3o am something roused my mother from her slumber and she decided to leer at my door telling me I should sleep.

Just like boarding school all over again.

I guess when you’re (still) living at home, parents get to conduct lights out. Good thing the glow of my laptop is here to substitute for the flashlight under my covers – either ways, my eyes are still wrecked and I am filled with childish glee at my sneaky nighttime trickery so I can stay up longer.

When does the bell ring indicating it’s time I freaking grow up?
(Answer: Neeeeeeeveeeer!!! Awww YEAAAAH!!)


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