As much as I love Nepal, I hate the hierarchy we have for EVERYTHING.

I love our culture, and I adore how much of our traditions is set in respect (especially for those older than us) but I hate, hate, HATE how people think they deserve respect just because of age or position. While these methods are wonderful when it comes to family and on the streets, it only serves as additional conflicts in the work place due to expectations and egos.

A lot of people in Nepal don’t know how to be professional.

You can’t demand respect, it’s something you earn.


Again, it comes down to balance.

  1. YES. I agree! The doctors at the place where I work have their own parking garage (?!) and are never forced to follow the policies that the rest of us follow. All this, just because they have 7 more years of training than the rest of us…something doesn’t add up here.

  2. icanwritesomething said:

    Very true. People feel ” gray hair is a crown of glory”, and forget what really matters is inside the head. A lot of experiences without any innovative contribution also with the concept ” My boss was always right, now i am the boss, so i must be right-just do it”

  3. amanda said:

    I agree respect is something you earn. It is one of the things we fight about in my house everyday!

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