Why I don’t mind the excessive rain

Mind the rain? Who am I fooling with the title? I LOVE the rain.

Most people have been complaining of the dreary weather and the heavy rainfall that has extended its usual time line, so I just might be one of the few who is loving it for simple reasons:

1) More rain now = less load shedding! Though I dislike splotches of mud on my pants as much as you, more rain means more power for our very limited hydro plants and even though my house has solar power (thank you smart thinking parents!) it’s nice to have full running electriciy.

2) Nothing soothes like the rain. For long days and moments when my soul feels weary, it’s like the sound of rainfall carries away my troubles in the murmur of water. Falling rain is possibly one of my favorite sounds in the world, and the smell of rain on earth always make me smile. There’s something so refreshing and purifying about heavy rains. And falling asleep is so much better when you have rain drops for company.

3) I like walking under an umbrella. Odd as it may sound, it’s so cozy. I even enjoy the surprise trickles of water running down my back, chilling though it may be – it makes me aware of my senses and therefore, I feel a lit bit more alive.

4) The rains at this time of the year makes for colder days. For a country that seems to jump from summer to winter in a matter of days, I’m loving the chill in the air so I can wrap myself in comforting soft fabrics and light sweaters before I loose myself in the heavier apparel of winter. What is it about cardigans and light jackets that is so comforting? Like having something to hold you all day.

5) Everything looks prettier. The streets glisten (where they’re not hidden by ankle deep waves of dirty river/sewage water). Lights reflect. Foggy windows make the city softer. The details on droplets of water come to life.

6) It heightens your appreciate of warm beverages. Coffee/tea/hot chocolate just tastes so much better when it warms your hands as you sit by a steamy window, watching the pattern of rippling water sliding on glass.

I wouldn’t mind if I rained like this for a week or two longer.

(Photo courtesy of a fellow rain-lover!)

  1. haha as soon as i started reading this it started to rain!

    i love the rain too. but that’s mainly bc i’m at home all day and i just lie on bed or listen to it. and i dry the Ds ; ) hahhaa

    • ” dry the Ds” means ?

      it rained all day here today and i managed to take a picture of myself out in the rain:

      • Awwww I LOOOOVE these pics! I was actually trying to find a good picture to go with my post on rain, could I have permission to use yours?!

      • of course u can 🙂

        hey i write too mostly fiction cud u read them and give a review ?

      • Yaaaaay for photo permission! And I am so honored that you want me to have a look at your writing! I always feel like it’s a big deal when you allow others to read your work because it’s like exposing yourself! Maybe I could offer better comments if we corresponded via email? Feel free to drop me a line at: shethinkstoherself@gmail.com and thanks again for letting me use your picture for my post!

    • your blog is a big deal now.

      its being featured in kantipur

      thats how i found you.

    • Rain usually stops just before dashain thats why Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire (If I am not mistaken) wrote:

      हट्यो सारा हिलो मैलो
      हरायो पानीको बर्षा

      भवानीको भयो पुजा
      चल्यो हर्षको बर्षा

      • Oh right, I saw that! Thanks for taking the time to find it 🙂 And yes, the writer wrote my blog name wrong (“she thinks of herserlf” sounds sooo vain!) I’ve requested it gets changed for the online version 🙂

      • no problems. I sent u two emails in gmail. Did u get them at all ? may be they went in junk folder ?

  2. I like heavy rains too

    specially i used to enjoy sleeping listening to the sound of heavy rain falling on the tin roofs outside my room back home in Nepal 🙂

    besides that rain is romantic and brings back lots of memories of some really special times spent with dear ones.. 🙂

  3. amanda said:

    I love the rain too! It is my favorite time of year in Nepal. Also I love the new layout… i haven’t been here for a while so maybe it isn’t new anymore but the colors are great!

  4. suraj sonar said:

    nice to be a dreamer little missie but rain ain’t so cootchy-coo when it’s making your land slide down the hill, or when it’s rotting your crops out in the fields. and nepal never jumps from summer to winter in a matter of days. next time you hail unseasonal rain, think about the hundreds of thousands still camping on the sandbanks of the koshi. some thoughts are better kept to yourself! i’m no fun? you’re just being subjective and all? aww…

    • hhahhaha. Sure. You’re free to your opinions and I’m free to mine 🙂

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