the art of waiting

I wonder how much of my life is spent in waiting… waiting for people for an interview, waiting for friends that are late, waiting for family that are even later, waiting for phone calls, waiting for emails, waiting for the weekend (oh wait, I meant waiting for my one day off), waiting for time to eat, waiting for time to sleep, waiting to catch up with friends… you get the point.

Today, has been an entirely disappointing day of waiting – nothing working out at the office, dreaded days arriving, and amazing opportunities turned to mush.

What the eff was the point of all that waiting? Disappointment is so hard to digest…. but chocolate, cookies, and all foods unhealthy will be way nicer to my system.

1 comment
  1. D said:

    🙂 I know what you mean…and I tried once to be late for someone, something i think…and made that person wait or something like that..but i kept feeling guilty…it is a syndrome raicha…a disease…k garnu…this tolerance towards late-comers and all that..:( but i there are better days…do not worry 🙂

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