What makes Scrabble not fun

In theory, Scrabble should be my favorite game – it’s all about words. It’s about finding them, linking them to other words and getting points for seeing brilliant words in a scrambling of letters. But what takes the joy out of the game for me is simple  – my sister.

Till date, she’s pretty much the only one I play Scrabble with (though here and there we suck our boyfriend (my Man-friend) into it with us) and every single time… she’s a Nazi bitch. Don’t ask me why she hates Jews so much…but playing a should-be-fun game with her is like taking kids to a circus and telling them they can’t laugh at the clowns.

When I was a kid, I hated playing Scrabble with her because she’d always win. Developmentally there’s no competition between a 9 year old verses a 7 year old – obviously she knew more words and was way ahead of me. Sadly I was an average kid and wasn’t able to out do my older sister.

These days we’ve both sort of plateaued and our playing fields have somehow evened out. But now it’s just not fun because she always accuses me of cheating, and I always end up telling her how she’s a control freak who sucks the fun out of games.

It was the same playing Lego with her as a kid… I wonder how many younger siblings grew up being told they were building something wrong… how do you eff up sticking one block on top of another? I dunno, but apparently I did it…. a lot.

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  1. amanda said:

    Bahahahaha this really made me laugh. I think because i was the older ‘fun sucking’ sister.

    I am about to tell you a secret which will reveal my lameness for all… I recently became addicted to scrabble on Facebook. I know it is shameful BUT i can spend ages working out the best word and getting really excited when i get a triple word score and no one ever has to know. You should try it… your sister won’t be able tell you your doing it wrong!

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