I’ve been in a writing lull lately. I start a post and can’t seem to find the energy or the words to go on… so here we have another list of half baked thoughts and comments:

1) WHERE DID MY DASHAIN BREAK GO?! Four blessed days off that disappeared like cake in front of a fat kid. I have no idea what I did. Maybe I was abducted… TOO BAD I DON’T REMEMBER!

2) I do remember watching TV till late…laaaaaate. There are some pretty funny shows on at 4am. Or maybe they’re just funny because it’s 4am?

3) Oh yes  – TV shows. So many competitive shows (singing, dancing, cooking, strange obstacle-ing, racing, surviving,) and I started wondering: Are these shows selling people’s lives? In order to suck an audience in, they use (exploit?) the sob stories of the people on the show. I mean, I know the people agree to it since they share their stories of homelessness/death/fights against cancer/loss of hope but I can’t help but think it’s just a marketing ploy… and a damn effective one at that.

4) Speaking of marketing ploy,Kaun Banega Crorepati (the Indian “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”) is really taking this “lives of normal people” thing to a new level. It’s sweet how the show starts again after a few seasons off, and it comes back appealing to people by using people. Not too sure where I stand on this… but I’m taking a step back. Either ways, smart move people at KBC. Smart move.

5) More TV comments: MAN THERE ARE A LOT OF SHOWS ON TV. For the last two years most of my TV viewing has been catching up on my fav shows online, and sitting in on whatever my mom’s watching when I go to her room. For some reason I actually watched TV of my own will lately and there’s just SO MUCH STUFF there. Most which are quite pointless but addictive nevertheless… (WHO IS ‘A’ ON PRETTY LITTLE LIARS?!!)

6) I hate commercials. Like really hate them. What I find super interesting is marketing psychology. It gets me all nerdy excited.

7) Steve Jobs died…. and the amount of FB statues about it just annoyed me because 1) I don’t think my fb ‘friends’ knew him and 2) It makes no difference to whether you/they have an Apple product on not. Billions of people are dying every day but I really am so super happy you like your iPod or Mac!!!!

8) Lies – this is one of the few clear cut black and white areas for me, it’s difficult to find middle ground with people who see limitless shades of gray.

9) I pity people who just eat to live… food is SUCH a pleasure.

10) Back to TV shows – I wonder what I’d be like on a televised competition.. I always wonder if I’d be the girl with black makeup running down my face, super happy smiles all around, or awkward as butt hair.

Does anyone want to start a show on mediocrity? I’d probably excel at that.

So many thoughts on the television. Going to go back to not watching it as much. Life is better that way.

  1. d said:

    mmm..i agree with most of it. and also about the Steve Jobs thing but i also think amongst all those fakebookers…there were some (like my brother who is into IT) who really felt the loss (not in a physical ‘oh i knew him way’) but in a very simple way…you know when someone you are inspired by has died…there must be some psychological explanation to it. so damn those fakebookers who stole away the genuineness of some.

    and i get a vibe you watch a lot of AXN, ZCafe. Hahaha..have you seen that wipeout wala program.. bonkers!!

  2. Methinks Slumdog Millionaire has a huge role to play in the resurrection of KBC. It is ridiculous the programs they have on though..all those reality shows that are straight xerox’s of shows i thought were dumb in the states. Crazy thing is, it seems south-asian audiences expect a lot more drama..these reality shows on mtv and channel v have INSANELY angry and bitchy characters..I swear its like if there’s no catfight, then it wasn’t a good episode!! Oh god..I hope they don’t start bringing in reality tv shows into Nepal….that would be terrible. I’m sure they’d be a hit though- a dating show like the bachelor, or some master-chef nepal !!! (that would be funny considering the latest crackdowns in restaurants and stuff). I see it happening- it’ll be an effective way to keep the masses distracted.

  3. Ellie said:

    I couldn’t agree MORE with points 6-9. OMG I think about that stuff ALL THE TIME. Also, I recently heard a “This American Life” story on reality shows – reality producers make a lot of the drama up. The producers actually manipulate people to say juicy stuff that’s far from the truth. Creepy. Interesting psychology, though…

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