I was doing my usual browsing/reading of blogs I enjoy and came across this beautiful drawing of froggies on and it got me really excited because it brought back wonderful memories of childhood.

The summer I turned 10 was spent collecting teeny baby frogs and plonking them in a glass jar. I’d take them inside only to have my mother yell at me about how frogs were not allowed in the house, so I’d go back out and tip the jar over watching each one make their tiny leaps to freedom. Until I caught them again the next day. And got yelled at…then released them…and came back the next day.

It was like a summer of Groundhog Day… but with frogs in a glass jar, and a determined little me. I still catch and play with baby frogs when I see them. I can’t help it. They’re just SO FREAKING CUTE!

Oh childhood.

*insert nostalgic moment*

I wish there was a way to continue to live with the clarity, determination, and freedom we had as kids. I wish I was willing enough to repeat the things I enjoy and to do so without any misgivings, doubt, or confusion. It’s sad how we’re scarred and tainted with time.


  1. thoughts said:

    “Plutoed is Awesome” (c)

  2. Plutoed said:

    hehe (with a wide wide grin) 😀

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