complain complain complain…then get perspective

I started writing a bitchy rant on how some people are turds when the media doesn’t give them what they want because I’m tired of people who sour my day with their inability to see outside of themselves. So instead, this is what I’m going to write about the need for perspective.

By default, we are only able to see from our eyes, whether we wear rose colored glasses, are color blind, or are just blind – we are still limited to just our one set of eyes. This inability for alternate views is one thing that I find so incredibly frustrating because there are always more than one side to any story. We are incapable of escaping bias and we are so pig-headed that often we don’t even try to look beyond our opinions and ourselves.

I think the best kind of people are those who are able to step back and analyze things from all angles – not just from their point of view where they think they’ve been wronged. When we can try to understand things from someone else’s shoes we can begin to get a bigger (and more clear) picture, we can rectify misunderstandings, we can be less judgmental and we can be more wise.

Sometimes humanity and the sheer horribleness of humans angers me to the point of tears but then I remembered this link that my best friend sent me not too long ago, and in moments when I despair about the human race I find that this video gives ME some perspective – on staying optimistic, on remembering the good we’re capable of, on not losing hope.

As the final scene in American History X (one of my faaaaaaav movies) narrates, “Derek says it’s always good to end a paper [in this case, my blog!] with a quote. He says someone else has already said it best. So if you can’t top it, steal from them and go out strong.”

So, for all the perspective that the world needs, I ask you watch this video.

Charlie Chaplin never fails to cheer me up, but this time it’s not his humor, but the wisdom in this words that really gets me thinking – what’s the point in greed? What good ever comes from anger?

There are much bigger and better things that I could focus my energy, time, and blogging rants on.

  1. Um.. this is Ryan Jacob (sometimes known as “the Spaniard”). In the spirit of full-disclosure and transparency, I am commenting so that it is not creepy that I am reading your blog. I found it via your sister’s blog. It was a pleasant surprise. Well written and interesting. Even if you and I never got to know each other very well at G C, I still enjoyed it.

    • Hello Spanird! You reading my blog is only as creepy as me reading yours 🙂 We’re all good!

  2. amanda said:

    Hmmm i think i am one of these people who need perspective. I have been so into my own problems lately that all i’ve been able to offer on my blog lately is a negativity rant fest.

    I’ll work on it 🙂

    • hhahahahah. I know what you mean, this was a rather positive post from me.. honestly though, a large part of having these personnel blogs is to be able to rant (and i do plenty of that!) it’s just finding the balance.. like maybe letting our blogs be the place to blow off steam so we can try to gain perspective in real life?

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