Chutti… and other things

So,  I had a glorious four days off for Dashain where I did nothing but sleep, eat, see The Man, and watch TV until the wee hours of the morning. All in all, it was good. Tihar chutti just started today and with three days off, I’m slightly bummed that today was spent working in the first half but friends and running errands took up the second part of my day and that was better. I have two days left before it’s back to the hectic life of a journo and I have a major complaint: my holiday is not nearly long enough.

My four days over Dashian were used to maximize vegging out but it left me feeling super unproductive (and slightly disgusted with myself) and it looks like Tihar is going to be full of doing things I don’t seem to have time to do otherwise (*note to self, buy contact solution, finish (and by finish, I mean start) the story that should have been completed two weeks ago, and write back to those emails I haven’t got around to), which isn’t exactly how I feel my very limited vacation time should be used.

I’m not getting enough days off to get all full 68 hours I want in my PJs and without even completing one set of requirements, there isn’t enough time for me to do something ‘productive’ and all of this leaves exactly no room for the fun stuff. When the heck am I going to make that visit to Pokhara I’ve been wanting to take? When will I haul my butt around the Annapurna circuit? Where is the one month I want to volunteer in Helambu?

WHAT IS THE POINT OF THESE FREAKING VACATIONS WHERE I DON’T REALLY GET TO DO EVERYTHING I WANT?! (Is this ‘adulthood’?… Can I give it back for childhood?…Please?…)

Oh right. I forget. Most people in Nepal spend these holidays with family and have pujas, and eat certain foods, and I’m complaining because my family doesn’t take part in these festivities and I’m frustrated at how I barely settle into break mode and I’m back at the office, rubbing my eyes, spending hours in front of a computer… waiting for next year before I get a “real” break again. Next.Year. YEAR.

What I’d really like to do over the break is this: do some writing that I’ve been putting off, do some editing for some extra monies, watch useless TV, take a short trip outside the Valley even if it’s only during the day, invite friends over for dinner and games, eat delicious goodies, do some shopping (and successfully find navy and gray chinos at a price I’m willing to pay), get some quality time with my family, get some quality time with The Man, catch up on Skype dates with friends in unforgiving time differences, reorganize my closet for the winter, finish blogposts I started who knows when….

How much of this will actually end up happening? Probably zero.

In other news:

1) I recently recalled two non-child-like things about me from my childhood: a) I had these awesome smelling markers and it never once occurred to me to taste them… one even smelled like chocolate. Why wouldn’t I have tried tasting them?! 2) I never cut my Barbies’ hair because I knew it wouldn’t grow back but I had friends that did and I thought they were sooo stooooopid.

2) I need a puppy to play with. They are an excellent way of making me feel infinite joy. And even if things are good, there are times when you need to feel the warmth of an animal, and the smell of curious young life.

3) Epic band name I must have: “The Sensais of the Ears” (Get it? Sensais… senses…) oooh maaaaan…sometimes, I really amuse myself.

4) How would Steve Jobs (bless his soul) feel about a product titled iFail? I am open to taking suggestions for what exactly this device would do.

5) I want to eat sundae on a Sunday just because it’s stupid enough that I would enjoy it.

6) Why aren’t ovens more popular in Nepali kitchens? I love pressure cookers, but having an oven sure would give me more options of delicious items to cook. Plus, it’d be a good reason to have other people come over and cook for me too. (“Hey guys… yeah.. sure, my place sounds good – you can use my oven!”)

Anyways people, have a happy Tihar – take in all the batti and jhilli milli while you can because soon loadshedding will take over and you’ll regret not looking at lights when you had the chance.

Here, let me help:



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