10 points.

1) Cartoons for adults = INGENIOUS (South Park FTW!!!!)

2) I have two new pretty dresses… and nowhere to wear them :/

3) Dear whoever Googled “wamen-standing-peeing-pantu” – I’m sorry you ended up on my blog and did not find what you were looking for….(what exactly were you looking for?)…

4) http://guffadi.blogspot.com/2011/10/100000-and-counting.html. Damn. (I’m just a little over 20,000 and I was pretty stoked. Only 80,000 more to go. hrmph. Also, he’s taking suggestions for blogposts! I need to come up with a list of awesome ideas, you should do that same.)

5) Once I’m dead, I’m sure the autopsy will prove I have the world’s smallest bladder… too bad I’ll be dead.

6) I have a premonition I’ll meet my end in an accident (is that weird?).

7) My sister cleaned up my room and organized my winter closet for me and I am soooo thankful because I honestly had no idea when I’d get around to it. Clean rooms and organized shit is so comforting.

8) Going through winter clothes and finding time-tested favorite sweaters is like getting to see old (but gold) friends.

9) I found a bunch of random books around the house, some are quality, guess I’ll be reading up on Nepal and getting a dose of Russian literature too. Anyone want to start a book club in Nepal?

10) The bad bits in other people’s lives makes me see the good bits of mine in an even better light.

  1. D said:

    yes on the book club, desperately want to and see how the computer made your 8 and a bracket into a smiley that means cool kyare…such a smart ass k!!!!

    • hahahhahah…. it’s some setting I have that automatically turns my smilies into the graphics.. I thought about changing it tara I love how cool my number eight it 😉

  2. nepali said:

    1. was so for me also until I ran into Family Guy – it makes me पेट मिचि मिचि हाँसिङ्, literally. I can’t imagine South Part being funny without Cartman. And all sisters in the world should learn from 7.
    Googling, I ran into http://himalayanreaders.wordpress.com but if you start an alternative, let us know – I’m in.

  3. I don’t like Family Guy… khoi, I’m more of a South Park girl hola, I used to haaaate Cartman tara I do acknowledge how much he adds to the show, my FAAAVORITE: Butters.

    As far as a book club goes, maybe we’ll have to start one after all – even if it’s once a month (one book a month?) Let’s discuss!

    • D said:

      yes lets do! my friend and i tried to do that. but we ended up reading two different books and never getting to discuss them except saying ‘you have to read this book, it is amazing’ tetti ho!

    • nepali said:

      Once a month sounds good. Discussion moved to email?
      You’re missing out on some hilarious stuff if you’re not watching Family Guy. Don’t tell me later when someday you’ll watch it and love it – and rest assured you will, if you like SP, I/other people didn’t try to tell you this earlier.

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