Busy people get more done…apparently

In college there were some kids who’s research was based on the idea that busy people got more done. The theory being: If you’re busy you have more to do and the same amount of time so you need to manage your time better. (I think somewhere in there they threw the phrase “If you need something to get done, give it to a busy person.”)

I’m of the thinking that there may be some truth in that. If I don’t have deadlines or too much going on but there are things I could/should be doing… nothing gets done (save for a massive amount of Internet-ing and on more productive days ‘catching up’ on those movies I bought for Rs 30 about eight months ago).

So, I’m putting this idea to the test by picking up a side part time job. Yes, another job. While I still have my full time job. I have my moments where I think this is a sure shot way to drive myself into insanity, but then again maybe this will be my way to be productive. I mean, it’s a great additional thing to throw on my resume, I’ll be making more monies so now maybe I can actually start a savings (yes, start…this is how pathetic having a job in Nepal is) and oddly enough, maybe having two jobs and just about no time left for me or friends or relationships will mean I write that damn book.

Or I’ll have a better excuse for why just the first draft is written… in my head.

Really the only really big change will be moving my bedtime from 2-4am to something closer to the shocking hour of 11pm. And… I won’t be rubbing sleepy eyes at noon because I’ll be sleepy all freaking day from having to leave the warmth of my bed at 7:30am. Have I mentioned I am NOT a morning person? And the reassurance of coffee is wasted on me as the delicious beverage only makes me sleepy.

Oh woe is me.

All that to say, maybe I won’t blog much but hopefully I’ll read more. Maybe I won’t have as many girls nights out, but I’ll write that stupid effing book. Or maybe I’ll just be super stressed and turn into a crack whore for recreational purposes because two jobs and other life responsibilities will be too much for me to handle.

For the record, I believe the results from the research indicated that busy people weren’t any more or any less likely to get something done. Hmmm.


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