What goes all around the world but stayes in a corner?

I love riddles. Anyone got some good ones?

Also, I’ve realized when I think to myself, I process my thoughts as if I am composing a blog post. Which is great except for how I’ve all but forgotten this blog in the midst of two jobs and a whole bouquet of other life things that fill in the smaller spaces of time.

A few snippets:
1) 4 hours is not nearly enough when you’ve got so much to do
2) the hospital is a strange place
3) children who are differently-abled are beautiful
4) sleep that comes from a hard day’s work feels earned and rest is so much sweeter
5) there are new things about love and loving someone that i continue to learn everyday
6) i hate how i blush BRIGHT RED
7) being involved in two VERY different fields gives me such different reach


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