morning regrets

i wish there was a way for me to wake up with a smile to greet the day
instead of the way i uncurl and unravel from my cocoon of sleep
with warmth that leeks from the bed while the morning chill invades
the place that gives me rest and a sweet sweet dark hugging escape
this winter touch marks my nose and before a yawn, i sniffle
my fingers leave an icy mark when rubbing
the remains of dreams from my eyes
and i…i am left to beg for 5 more minutes (please)
but what I hate the most of this daily battle with winter
is how before I’ve surfaced into consciousness
I’m already 30 minutes behind schedule
and when I finally make my exit from from the layers and folds of blankets
it’s a harsh fist of fridge-chilled air that grabs me
until I find the mid day sun i am fighting, fighting, fighting,
for the love of sweaters and scarves, of socks and boots to win me over.

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