Got it.

I often feel like there’s a spot in me I can’t reach. Something imbedded into the core of me that remains underneath, like the swirls of cement covered by carpet. Something that itches and begs to be touched. To be grabbed. To be bit into.

It leave me feeling uneven, but once in a while I find something that just gets it, that soothes like the tingle of warmth on oh-so-cold hands, that lathers itself in condolences and that softens like puppy kisses on bruises.

This song is raw with life. It’s harsh. Heavy. Jagged. And it sinks into me. It makes me feel sensual and sexy. It makes me explode in slow motion like watching large eyes blink. With intensity. It feels like sex on a moon. In HD. I play it on repeat. On repeat. I breath to the beat. To the beat.  It makes me complete, cruel, human, and I forget gravity.


  1. Kreeti said:

    Hi She!

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now and I really love it! I love the sincerity in your writings. What also draws me towards your blog is the fact that I too think too much. Thus, as I read your posts, I find myself relating to everything you share. Your blog has also inspired me in a way I can’t quite explain. Thank you. Keep writing!


    • Awww thank you Kreeti! It’s surpring to hear people enjoy my jpt thoughts, but it’s also so very encouraging!

  2. never before have i wanted to listen to something just by reading what someone has written about it.

    this was atti tempting. 🙂

      • i listened ni. i liked your writeup better than the song.

        aba ke bhannu? 😛

  3. pawan said:

    I think i have ADD as the song goes…
    also today i had 4 dreams about sex, weird (Having 4 dreams in one night and all was about sex atti)..there you wrote about sex so i thought i might chip in…

    • hahahahahhaha. thank you for your two paisa, did you read my blog before or after the dreams!?! 🙂

  4. minfied said:

    awesome song! i’m gona download it. 🙂

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