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When I started blogging – there was so much to write about. I realized that this had little to do with me and more to do with where I was/am. Nepal is inspiring. Not inspiring in the “she had cancer and fought for her life and now, I will value my life too” sort of way, but inspiring as in I saw things everyday that challenged me.
A short trip down where I live, going to work, meeting friends across town, I always came by something or the other that stuck with me. That nagged my brain. That itched. And when I got around to scratching that spot, I found myself discovering opinions on social issues, on human rights, on development, on foreign aid – things that are in the paper everyday but that faded after a read.
Nepal really challenges me, it pushes me to discover what I’m doing here, what my role as an educated young woman is. It makes me question everything, it makes me question life, it puts me on this grand complicated hunt for answers. And I used to blog about it.
These days, going from job-to-job leaves me little time and room to dwell on everything things that have large implications….and that saddens me. It bothers me that I don’t have the time to watch someone on the streets, I don’t like that I don’t seem to notice things anymore. I’m annoyed that things don’t stick the way they used to.
When I moved back, I told myself I didn’t want to “get used to” things here, I didn’t want to become desentitsized and apathetic because I really do believe that’s the worst state anyone could be in. To not care. How terrible.

  1. Padmini said:

    The worst we can be: apathetic. I know what its like to feel so strongly about something that is yesterday’s news and to struggle to hold a focus on the here and now. But the thing that holds me most to anything important and relevant is Nepal. I can’t wait to go to Nepal and see all that my heart loves. I wish the people there could see the beauty and wonder they have in their country. I wish the corrupt could see that they may think they are helping themselves but are ruining a diamond in the rough. I truly believe that Nepal will be a shining light to the world. We all just need a little more time.

  2. pawan said:

    You are conscious of other lives that matters ,Well it will make you suffer but you are sharing the burden .
    and You helping the disabled kids , you are doing nice shethinkstoherself …

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